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COVID - Comfortable Masks for Big Heads

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    Originally posted by bellicose View Post

    What file are you using, if you don't mind sharing?
    Just some I pulled off of thingiverse.

    I will try to find the link for you.


      paintball mask only thing i can think of


        Parkers Perfect... no more fogging and it cleans glasses well too,
        really good business, they try hard to keep customer happy


          Originally posted by DavidBoren View Post
          The neck gators are comfortable, but most are only one layer... at that point it's mostly BS posturing, but I suppose it's better than nothing.
          Again, if you're not wearing a respirator, this is all BS posturing (don't get me started on the folly of quarantining and the issue of herd immunity).


            Originally posted by lew View Post

            Again, if you're not wearing a respirator, this is all BS posturing.
            Only if you care about preventing yourself from getting it. But that's not what they are for. It's about you spreading it to other people, and something that's say (hypothetically) 80% effective, or even only 40% effective, that's NOT the same as 0%.

            So for example, the el cheapo disposable paper masks, here's a simple test someone rigged up...

            Yep. Effective enough.

            So back on topic, a friend of mine has become a bit of a mask connoisseur. He all day mask of choice for work is a four string tie on mask with two minor modifications. A stick on metal nose strip to seal the top a bit (keeps glasses fogging) and a simple little quick disconnect for the top tie made from Legos of all things.