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Which of you goons are still around from the PBF days?

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    Which of you goons are still around from the PBF days?

    Yo yo! Just had my periodic checkin over at PBF and holy crap it's not even recognizable any more! I just wanted to check in with the PBF homies and say that I hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe it has really been 16 years this month since I created that account originally- that's just over half of my life. Wow how times change. I'm about to turn 30! Jeez, it's crazy when I read that. These days I'm living near Breckenridge CO- mountain biking and skiing have replaced paintball, although thankfully the ratio of time spent actually doing them versus talking about them is wayyy better than it was back in the day. I guess that's a side effect of actually having a real job and getting paid decent money haha I haven't picked up a paintball marker in probably a decade at this point, but at some point soon I really want to get a couple homies together to go rent some guns and play again.

    Anyway, hope everybody is doing great. Thanks for the good times!


    Trying to drum up bodies again in the southwest forum, but, glad you'll at least be back to renting. I just turned 33 last month, and I went out and played my first game since 2012 last week. It was...phenomenal. I had forgotten how much fun it was to bring out an old pump and just have a blast.
    I could have sworn I had something important to put here...


      I’d be willing to bet that you go and have a rental day then immediately come back here and buy your own gear. It can’t be helped.


        I remember you!
        There's a few of us kicking around still. I saw labelskate on PBN a few days ago.
        We found Medic too, on Facebook a few years ago; got him into the Fantasy league. That finally ended though; no more PBF fantasy football

        That site DIED. The new site owner didn't care about it; they don't really even care about PBN either, anymore.


          I was the admin there for a while back in the early days.
          I had the policy of no bashing the newbs. No pyramid schemes, or penny lotteries. etc

          But the other admin kept making all his buddies moderators, despite being teen punks. They would bully the other users, and post wildly inappropriate things.
          So I said "me or them".... they called my bluff, and I walked away.

          Lots of the forums started failing then. Like paintballdojo and paintballreview. PBN was sucking away all the users into a garbage pile of a forum.

          But I did enjoy my time on PBF. It did have the strange policy that you were never allowed to mention any paintball retailer except the one that sponsored the site. For mods and admins, that was a big chunk of the time spent.


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            I always wondered why you left.
            I got the raw end of the deal from a lot of them, It makes sense now that you mention this.