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Horizontal Boring?

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    Horizontal Boring?

    Anybody have experience with this?
    My sister has a project I'm helping with that involves running water/electric/video feed from one building to another some 80-90 feet away.
    Rather than trench it the whole way (which would cross one fence penning in geese), we are going to attempt to use some kind of drill with a boring head that attaches to standard iron pipe.
    I understand it in principle, put the drill head on one end of the pipe and the other on the drill which appears to be pneumatic, but I'm also told it uses water to flush the hole as you drill.
    We've already used the backhoe to trench out from the water house (the building of origin) to a distance of ten feet, the length of each pipe section and pointed in the general direction of where we want it to go.
    It should be interesting, I feel the boring using water will fill the trench unless we can pump it out. Perhaps the reason for pneumatic over electric. This thing is a drill, I don't know how we're going to drive it through short of brute force while standing in a trench filling with water. Lord help us if we hit a large stone. Not to mention finding the other end of the bore and seeing how close we come to the target. It is iron pipe, a metal detector might locate the other end when we reach distance.

    I don't yet know, it will be a new experience for me. Just wondering if anyone had any insights that would be helpful.

    Subscribed because I'm curious... no advice to give though (sorry...)


      This may shed some light on it. We have spec'd directional drilling at work before.
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        So i am not sure what gear you are using but with Utility boring, they have a specialized machine for regular dirt boring, and another one altogether for rock boring the main difference is a sharper bit and more aggressive head. The dirt boring machine will go through rocks, pipes, concrete and other items so it is best that you call 811 before you start, to allow for the utility companies time to come mark it. The machine also has a locator built into the bit that allows for a person with a receiver to be above ground and monitor the location of the bit. I have attached a video of another crew working.


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          Check @superman's videos they are more informative and kind of show what is happening.