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Thumb distance

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    Thumb distance

    News feeds are odd things in that every now and then they show you something that is actually useful. One such crossed my screen today.

    Want to estimate distance with your thumb?

    Tis a useful trick that seems to work. All you need is a thumb, two eyes and a good idea of how long a reference item is... such as a doorway or a car.

    Here is the original article that led me to the other one:
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    This is really neat. Time to take the kids out and start estimating distances!

    Thank you for the post!


      good old rule of thumb
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        Would this method be analog or digit-al?


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          Would this method be analog or digit-al?
          Did you start this thread just for this pun?

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            No. But after a bit I had to return to this thread. Something was bugging me but I just couldn't put my thumb on it.