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    Originally posted by MrKittyCatMeowFace View Post
    idk if just live in the wrong area but i never see feral cats in the wild. Ill see someones cat they let roam now and again but never feral.
    Some areas have had great success with spaying/neutering, if you happen to live in one of those areas I doubt you would see too many. People are smarter about fixing their pets these days. My girls are outdoor cats and they rarely stray from the garden, but we have a few tabbies kicking around that are most definitely feral.
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      I could just about start my own page for this! We have 90lb Millie - half Great Pyrenees half Rottweiler. 4 cats Spresso, Morgan (5 lbs of Fury), LB (Was originally Little Bit but depending on the day Little Butthead) and Link. Not to mention the 10 chickens and 5 goats.

      Link - top right, Spresso - drinking from the sink, Morgan on the carpet and LB passing through

      LB and Millie
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        Emerald guarding her toy and ready to rumble.




          • coyote


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            Is that Maverick?

          I realized I have more pictures of my cat on my phone than any dude should...but here she is, Talulah, in all her slovenly, lazy glory. Siamese/Calico blend. Has a weird shoe fetish.
          Now with more molecules!



            Molly, the way too smart for her own good terrier mix

            Chuck L. Head
            Rat Terrier, Schnauzer
            Great breed mix just lumpy because schnauzer....


              Piggy pig pig

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                  My Big baby girl playing with a paintball gun ...
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Dog.jpg Views:	0 Size:	89.7 KB ID:	18324
                  Please say hello to Trouble:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2977.jpg
Views:	188
Size:	40.5 KB
ID:	18322
                  The cat and the small one:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2976.jpg
Views:	193
Size:	59.6 KB
ID:	18321
                  The big one in the tiny bed:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2978.jpg
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Size:	59.4 KB
ID:	18323
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                    Meet Stinson and Dhalia.
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                      Princess Azula who's currently 8

                      Princess Toph who is just over 2

                      Both pups for scale Toph is #80 Azula is #60 and my daughter who is somewhere in the middle....

                      Captain Jack Sparrow, around eighteen pounds of asshole, although the softest cat I've ever seen

                      Hawkeye who's laid back and chill

                      And our newest addition Luna Lovegood who we rescued from the bushes in our backyard, not knowing she was a package deal.We estimate she's about 6mo. old.

                      And a better pic of the kittens, Pumpkin, Luna, and Waffles. Their respective owners already named them, even when they're not getting them for a few more weeks.


                      • alpha_q_up


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                        Azula reminds me of my doggo from when I was a child, also I love the names of all your pets

                      Our new puppy Bowser

                      Our other dog Bella

                      The 2 of them playing



                      • Jonnydread


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                        oh god I can't handle the cuteness I'm gonna grump

                      Kylo, our 10mo. old corgi.
                      Edit: why do half my pics show up sideways? Grr.
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                        Meet Finnik (aka Turd), 1 1/2 pitbull/boxer, keeping the gear safe


                          Click image for larger version  Name:	43C05D0D-25AE-4669-8E53-7B57DB534453.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	964.1 KB ID:	34460 No longer live together but skittles is still trotting around my parents house.
                          we got her free when my dad saw a sign for free kittens, she was the last one. Shes a little skinnier now.


                          • Jonnydread


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                            What a loaf!