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Here's the text the wife just sent (plumber is unclogging tub drain).

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    LOL, my neighbors kids had tons of these Nerf Darts when they were younger 10 - 12 .now 6 years later Im still finding them all over the outside of my house...


    • bored383


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      I am kind of surprised you aren't trying to sell them. the darts, not the neighbors kids

    • flyweightnate


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      Kids tend to net more though... especially if they're old enough to mow a lawn

    Originally posted by scottieb View Post
    "The plumber is really struggling to get the bathtub unclogged. 😕 He did get an orange plastic dart out of the drain so far."

    Life with kids I guess. :shrug:
    Within about a month of moving to this home we kept having issue with the main toilet and shower. This house was in possession of some folks that did foster care and we later learned there were 13 kids in this house at one time. Anywho, back to the point...we had Roto Rooter come out after another company failed to solve it twice. Roto failed the first time and they ended up sending this guy that I kid you not had to be working on 90 years of age. He was fucking OLD!. He walks in with this funny looking tool, roots around for a moment and says "yup, something big down there"....

    He ends up pulling out one of the 12" He Man figurines.

    The snake would knock the toilet paper and debris out of the way and then just get clogged again a day or so later. One might think that was odd, but the back bedroom vent had almost a 5G bucket full of hot wheels cars in the return AC vent. Idle hands...




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      He Man is one tough guy.

    • Toestr
      Toestr commented
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      And with a tip of the hat and a twinkle in his eye, the roto rooter man was off to his next call.

    • punkncat


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      They were talking to us when emptying the septic tank the first time, it's pretty ripe of course. The guy running the crew says "I love that smell, it's money".

    He-man in trouble,Sounds like the work of skeletor. 90 but still proficient at his job,love it.