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Fundraiser to help our members

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    Fundraiser to help our members

    We at MCB have a history of helping our members in time of need. Right now we have 2 members that I know of who are dealing with family related health issues and they could use a hand. A few of us have decided to help organize some assistance.

    First is a patch we plan to sell. It is a simple design with a simple message. The patches will sell for $28.12 each. Is that a lot of money for a patch? Absolutely, but it is part of a fundraiser. Of that $28.12 $25 will be deposited into an account to help our members. The other $3.12 will help offset the cost of the patch, mailing supplies, postage and PayPal fees. Payments for the patch should go to Please include your username in the comments section so we know what name to put in the drawing. Please do not gift the payments. Makes sure your mailing address is included so we know where to send the patch. It looks like payments are on hold in PayPal until there is tracking info entered. Since these are going to be sent via First Class mail there may not be any tracking info available. We will get it sorted out.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Patch1.jpg Views:	5 Size:	166.9 KB ID:	91094

    There will be 200 patches made. Right now they are about 2 weeks out. They will be mailed as soon as they come in for any orders placed. After all of them have sold or after a predetermined amount of time a drawing will be held as a thank you for your support in the fundraiser. Right now, the prizes are on the meager side. I will be taking some of my brass off the wall and giving it away. Madcat has offered up a sexy red Phantom, If anyone felt so moved as to donate additional prizes it would be appreciated.

    At the same time there will be a Teespring page set up selling other items with the same logo. All items are priced $25 over cost. Profits from those sales will also be added to the account and if you purchase from there please let us know so we can add you to the drawing as well. We do not have the ability to track purchases there so it will be on the honor system.

    Link to the TeeSpring shop

    Thanks for your support.

    OK, just got everyone's names on a spreadsheet that donated through patches and shirt sales. We pull ed the names from shirt sales from this thread and messages that were sent.

    The Phantom from MadCat is going to TKSTristar

    The P68SC is headed to tarakian

    The pump kit from Rainmaker is headed to Hellion360

    The tank from Jonnydread is going to Carp.

    I will get the addresses for the winners to the donators of the prizes.

    Thank you everyone for your contributions. We still have the Tippmann FA donated by COB to sell of yet. I just want to check the functionality of it before we post it up for sale.
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    Showcasing the donations here

    This P68SC is from my collection,She is well used but works fine and still shoots straight.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	BC38B06C-E1F6-4555-B96B-D5C1240F31D3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.30 MB ID:	91489

    Thanks to Madcat we have a great looking VSC Phantom.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Phantom .2jpg.jpg Views:	8 Size:	387.1 KB ID:	91445
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Phantom 1.jpg Views:	8 Size:	381.6 KB ID:	91446
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      Rainmaker has joined in on donations as well he has donate a PUCKer Up! Phantom Kit, and a Drop10. Winner gets choice of available colors!
      Click image for larger version  Name:	oucker.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.8 KB ID:	91797

      Jonnydread has been kind enough to donate a peanut tank with quite a few years left in its life to the cause as well.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	peanut2.jpg
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Size:	867.3 KB
ID:	96683

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        Is this open to Canadians, in regards to potential extra shipping expense?
        And God turned to Gabriel and said: “I shall create a land called Canada of outstanding natural beauty, with majestic mountains soaring with eagles, sparkling lakes abundant with bass and trout, forests full of elk and moose, and rivers stocked with salmon. I shall make the land rich in oil so the inhabitants prosper and call them Canadians, and they shall be praised as the friendliest of all people.”

        “But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “Is this not too generous to these Canadians?”

        And God replied, “Just wait and see the neighbors I shall inflict upon them."


          Originally posted by Jordan View Post
          Is this open to Canadians, in regards to potential extra shipping expense?
          This is open to everyone. I will gladly cover additional shipping costs anywhere it needs to go.




              Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for doing this!

              Have the early PMI Shocktech cocker that was put up for Lasoya's fundraiser a few years back to put into this.



                Patch order done. Great idea.
                Velcor will save us...

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                  Order placed.
                  FEEDBACK WTB LIST!!!! CLICK NOW


                    In. MCB at it's finest. God bless
                    Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


                      Information sent


                        Ordered me one!


                          I'm in.

                          When we were adopting our 3rd son years ago MCB members gave me money even though I was selling off markers....just because. I'll give back.


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                            I remember doing that, how is your family doing? MCB Family takes care of their own!

                          • Long Beard

                            Long Beard

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                            All is well, thanks for asking. 3 handsome, young men. Our youngest, who we brought home last is already in 4th grade and is an amazing dude. Kind hearted and intelligent.

                          I'll send you the money soon as I get to a computer.
                          Originally posted by MAr
                          ... Nish deleted it...

                          Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

                          Master Jar-Jar


                            Money sent.