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Will Perseverance Find Life On Mars?

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    Originally posted by Diomedes View Post
    with the atmosphere as thin as it is,
    apparently, the atmosphere is thick enough to support a drone, which surprised me.


      Originally posted by KMDPB View Post
      I bet a brass eagle stingray and an er2 that we find aliens on mars.
      So... would you like me to pm you my address for the Stingray and ER2?

      Meteorite ALH84001 was found in Antarctica in 1984 and fossilized nanobacterial life was "confirmed" in 1996. The claim is highly controversial and is still being argued to this day but additional meteorites with origins traced to Mars have been found to have similar fossilized structures and are dated to a time when it is believed Mars could have supported this type of basic life. Humans have recreated similar structures in labs on earth but the purity of materials needed to do so is regarded as impossible in a natural environment.

      I have a weird kinship with this meteorite because it bears my initials and birth year. Naturally, I've got a framed photo of it that has been hanging in my house for a couple of years now:


      • Surf2Live
        Surf2Live commented
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        Do... Do I pm you your address?

      • Rainmaker


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        TEEEeeeechnically, the bet was for finding life ON Mars. That would be a SIGN of life, FROM Mars found on EARTH... just sayin.

      • KMDPB


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        Yes pm me my address

      I win!

      MArs alive. He posted on Facebook today....

      Ok I'll go now...
      Originally posted by MAr
      ... Nish deleted it...

      Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

      Master Jar-Jar