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Pawn Shops?

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    Pawn Shops?

    Do you haggle with the pawn shops on prices? Does it do any good? If so, what is the normal allowance for movement on the sticker price?

    What is the normal markdown off of retail... or is there a normal? Does it matter for the type of item?

    Last year I bought an item from a local pawn shop. I wasn't really looking to buy it, but I asked while I was in the store if they had such and such item. They did. I think they had it priced $450. I told them it was too high for me. Would they take $300. They said, $350 cash and its out the door.

    They currently have a Barnett XP350 Crossbow, scope and cocking rope for $270. Craigslist private seller has the next model up in box with bolts, scope, cocking rope, wax/lube for $150. However, is in KC which is two hours away from here. Do you think it will matter if I show them the CL ad?

    The longuer their item sit in the store the better chance it can be haggled.


      I suspect you show them the ad and they will tell you to go buy it there.


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        That's a possibility. Still hoping to make the Bob White at Jaegers.

        Hmmmm.... I should snag my rebuilt guns back very soon. A friend still has about four of my uncommons that he rebuilt or checked for servicability.

      IME with pawn shops in this area I have rarely seen them knock more than $20 or so off an item priced in the 1-200 range. I have also very rarely come across anything good, paintball related in one around here. CL either for that matter. Even with other used equipment like computers...people around Atlanta seem semi informed as to what they have and/or simply value it too much.


        Found plenty of paintball stuff over the year at pawn shops in Canada.

        The price they will sell it always depend on how much they originally paid for the item (usually not much) and how long they had it in the shop
        They will always try to double their money for the first few month, after they will accept lower price but you need to take your time, talk with them and tell why you dont think its worth that much. If you see the sticker with the price is old and yellow start with a really low price and see from there.

        My best find was a WGP 2k3 prostock with CCM Delux Pump kit and a 13ci tank for $100 total back in 2011
        My latest was a PGP for $30 last year.

        they will always have paintball like A5, Bravo one and 98 but those they dont have trouble selling them quick, older marker will sit for longer and you can get better price on those.


          i dont bet on chess when im playing a chess master
          i would never play hoops for $ with Kobe
          and i dont try and prove mathematicians wrong with by basic algebra knowledge.

          point is, these people haggle for a living. thats what they do. they know all the techs and have years of experience. me, being a joe-schmoe off the street would have a hard time out-negotiating them. id never stand a chance.

          i bought an angel from a pawn shop years back. thought it was a decent price so i bought it. thats pretty much it. the tag price was higher and he knocked a bunch off but i think the tag price was inflated so he could bring it down.


            Originally posted by Tarsun2 View Post
            i would never play hoops for $ with Kobe
            I think I'd have a decent chance of beating Kobe at this point.


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              I'm glad somebody else posted this before I did.

            Most pawn shops in my area have my card.... I always tell them I wont need a receipt or warranty so what's you best price and I never leave without asking if they have broken or leaky Paintball guns....90% of the broken ones I get are Autocockers needing just to be cocked...


              There is an art to haggling, and it takes tact. I personally enjoy it as I've been doing sales for 15 years. Initially I didn't, but once I got the swing of things and found what boundaries I could push, I really came to like it.

              Don't show them the ad. Like Flounder said, they'll probably quickly dismiss you and tell you to go there. I've done that to people too. Mostly, be nice! I can't even tell you how many times I've been able to come to a conclusion in a negotiation by being understanding. Be honest with them. It's totally ok to ask them how long they've had it. Tell them the story about how you found one but would rather do business locally. I've found that having a little narrative of your intentions make the interaction more personable, and in doing so, easier to make a deal.

              I am no expert though. Just sharing what I've learned and what works for me. Hell, I'll get an itch for some cheap paintball gear and call around until I find a shop that has a lump of stuff. Eventually I'll make my way there and just see what I can do. I got my right feed cocker that way with a Trilogy Pro. Sold the Trilogy here long ago for what I paid for both even though they were marked for much more. These skills have also come in handy when selling to pawn shops too.


                I always look for paintball gear at Pawn shops but 99.9%of the time they are selling over priced entry level gear. If I find stuff I want I haggle best way to get deals is work out deals on several things they are selling (package deals).

                Haggle the best deal the be like ok throw in (x) for (x) amount and you got a deal (throws them off). Pawn shops are masters at haggling it’s what they do for a living. You can get deals but it’s an art.




                    I pretty much always haggle a little. I usually already know what it’s worth & what I’d like to pay for it. The final price is usually somewhere in between. I have occasionally been given a price that is WELL below its value as well as what I’d like to get it for. In those rare instances i don’t haggle.


                      Can never hurt to try. I always assume pawn shops are somewhat felixble on price. Just be willing to walk away - you can always come back later if you really want it and you may get them to budge a little more if you're willing to walk.


                        As Marcellus says, always be willing to walk away. You might get your best offer while walking out the door, or you may just leave empty handed.

                        I sell stuff on my local Craigslist all the time. It’s priced higher than I expect to sell it for and as long as the offer is reasonable, I usually agree to the offered price. Most the stuff I pick up cheap and fix, so I’ve got a pretty good profit margin even when selling things for a good deal. Ironically when I agree to an offered price the person never responds again, but that’s Craigslist.

                        I’m sure the Pawn Shops are the same. Those guys wheel and deal for living. It’s just good sales to have a customer walk out the door thinking they’ve negotiated a good price on an item, and the pawn shop still makes good money I’m sure.


                          No harm in asking if they'll take what you're willing to pay. If they give you attitude, walk away politely. I've offered to pay for items that I later got for free when the business went under. They should have taken the cash...

                          Oh, this reminds me of buying a car from a dealership. It's amazing how much they'll come down if you learn to play them a bit. And always work directly with the finance guy - not the sales guys.
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