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    CHUBBY THUNDER! Big Boy Gear!

    EvilCreature with the WIN, PM coming. Thanks for the recipes everyone. Gonna fire up a couple of these through the week, for sure.

    I will participate this year. I have tons of kit for your Big Gulps, Mega Buddies, and Super-Sized baller friends. This giveaway is in honor of a fat, lazy, and awesome dog I knew. Chubby Thunder.

    I will give away a Head-to-Toe paintball kit (no gun setup ) for you or someone you know. Details on the gear below. I will select winner Tuesday night, late 11/23. Kinda short notice but here's why: I might need to go shopping.

    Because, To enter: I would like to see your non-traditional Thanksgiving Treats, Sides, Family Favorites, whatever. Pictures desired but not required, but RECIPIES ARE MANDATORY!

    For example, My family has done a Pumpkin Soup with mushrooms for the last few years and it rules! Here's Gordon's

    Here's what's up for giveaway.

    The best goggle for Fat Noggins: Empire E-Flex. Never used. Extra bottom
    2XL Infamous Knee Pads: Never used
    2XL Exalt FreeFlex arm pads, newest gen: New without tags
    DYE Jet pack 4+ New with Tag : DYE has the longest stock belt. This fits me (6'2", 365) with NO extender.
    Virtue Tie-Back Headwrap: used but clean. No more tight velcro strap that's not long enough.
    Choice of: 4X Dyzana Jogger, New without tag. or 3X JT Teams (these are huge).
    Choice of: 4X CK Jersey, New without tag, padded. or 4X Valken V-Tac Used but in good shape.
    BONUS NOT PICTURED: I have brand new HK V1 Digger cleats (14). Not gonna fit everyone but lmk if you or your friend need em.

    LMK if I F'd this up. I have more in the bins. So will probably post more after Thanksgiving. Just wanted to start off big. I'm sure I can handle CONUS shipping without much fuss. We might need to talk split if your international.
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    It's too big for me but i wanted to share our weird family Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.
    We do enchiladas on the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. This was brought about by my Grandmother and nit wanting to cook Turkey 2 days in a row.
    My family had 2 divorces in it, so we would all gather the night before for at my Grandparents, then the holiday was with the other sides family.
    Worked out well as we got 2 sets of presents each year.😉
    Sadly my Grandmother passed away last year at 89 years old and no one remembered to get her recipe for the enchiladas.

    Good luck to whomever wins this generous Walzmas gift!

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    • DavionGuard
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      aw man. Enchliadas sound sick right now. Adding it for friday right now!. lol. Family was feeling bougie last year so we sprung for HelloFresh during lockdown. Their verde enchiladas recipe is legit, and easy.

    • Cdn_Cuda


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      My family started doing Christmas Eve Tacos a few years ago and it’s stuck as a tradition. We’d have like 4 turkey dinners over Christmas so it was a welcomed break from big heavy meals. I also enjoy a good beer-Gurita while listening to Christmas music.

    Dude I'll just toss y'all a recipe for free. Panettone french toast. Back before covid my partner and I would spend time at my mom's for the holidays or come by for brunch. Like any french toast, you wanna use stale (if that's a thing in your house) panettone.

    General guidelines

    1 loaf of panettone, sliced into 1/2' thick slices. Toasting can help if it's not stale, and will also add some more flavor .

    Bog standard egg custard french toast custard mix - If you have one you like, use it! - Make the custard the night before. Learned that trick from Alton Brown, helps age and mature the flavors.

    Vanilla Paste (Or extract)
    Milk - Or Milk, ish - I've used heavy cream, half and half, and whole milk for this. You'll want less for more, but I think it comes out best with milk and heavy cream combined. Half and half works, and yes I know that's functionally what it is, but feeding a little more to the fatty side can't hurt. The fat's carrying a lot of the flavor here, but I'm sure you could make it substituting with non moo milk.
    Eggs - I've always used whole, whisked very well, and sometimes strained if I want to get out the cheleze but it's not gonna hurt anything.
    Sugar - Not a while lot. panettone tends to be sweet to start with, so you might only want a tablespoon of the stuff or so if yours isn't sweet enough for your liking to begin with.
    Spices - Optional. The panettone is already a pretty flavorful bread, but a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg doesn't hurt. I'm very partial to the citrus notes of cardamom, so I'll tend to use that.
    Spirits - Also optional. Memory says I've used maybe a half a shot of bourbon or whiskey in cooking this up, just enough to flavor without being overpowering.

    You'll basically want enough custard that you can dip, not soak, the panettone in. Alternatively, You could brush it on, as the bread cake pastry likes to go ham and soak up too much and can end up falling apart. It's gonna be a quick dip, like, 3-5 seconds should be enough, if not overkill. Follow your standard french toast frying procedures - Try it with browned butter! I've wanted to try out baking it but haven't had the time or enough people to test it on lately and I'm sure enough not about to eat all of that by myself. Dress with a high quality syrup, or eat plain. I can't really give firm measurements because each panettone is different and everyone's got different dietary restrictions. I guess it's less of a recipe, more of an idea. It's one I hope you try though!
    I could have sworn I had something important to put here...
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      Being Canadian, we've had our Thanksgiving already. I live in a city that has a large Ukrainian population so here it probably isn't that odd to have perogies and cabbage rolls, but they aren't typical "Thanksgiving" staples.

      My Grandma was married at 16, had 6 kids and was a widdow by 28! She was a single mother and stayed that way for the rest of her life. By no surprise she had to do a lot of cooking. My Grandma used to make her own cabbage rolls that she learned from one of her best friends who's parents immigrated from the Ukraine.

      That said I am not the cook my Grandma was but we have access to other people's Ukrainian Babbas that we order from. Cabbage rolls have rice and beef inside tightly wrapped and covered in a tangy tomatoe sauce. Perogies have cheddar cheese and potato filling.

      The cabbage rolls are baked for 1/2 hour at 350 degrees. Not much to them.

      36 Perogies. (3-4 per person)
      Boil till plump and floating

      In a frying pan brown on medium heat;
      Coarse chop thick cut bacon 500g
      Coarse chop 2 yellow onions (not large)
      1 teaspoon minced garlic (optional)
      Lightly coat pan with your choice of oil (I use canola)

      Strain perogies and add to the frying pan when bacon is half done. Fry together till outside of perogies begin to brown. Don't need to over cook til the out side is hard as they are already cooked. With 30 seconds left stir in 1 cup of sour cream to the pan. For lack of a better word, dump it onto a platter and it's ready. Always good to have cold sour cream on the table to add as people like.
      BigRed's feedback


        The attached recipe is something I have been doing with leftover chicken (or turkey) for the last couple of years and I found it was a great Friday-after-Thanksgiving culinary change-of-pace from a traditional Thanksgiving meal. While a traditional Thanksgiving meal is all about sweet, savory, filling, heavy, hearty foods that require different cook times and methods, this is a light, crunchy, tangy/spicy meal that can be made pretty quick in one pan/wok. Using pre-cooked turkey rather than chicken often requires slightly more oil but no more than an extra teaspoon.

        Read the whole thing as there are insights and variations to cooking throughout. This recipe was made by me and submitted to a "Culinary Challenge" for lunch dishes among my college friends. The guy running the contest made a PDF cook book of all entries with pictures and a few of his own insights (using an electric pan, I never thought of that). The trophy in the top right is because my recipe won the competition. Make sure you get Tiger Sauce if you can.
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          Finally a give away for the horizontally gifted!

          So it started as a joke, but now it makes an appearance every year and it's typically enjoyed as a appetizer. No idea what it is called, we refer to it as " that taco thing"

          1 crave case of taco Bell crunchy tacos Shredded Mexican cheese
          Black olives
          Chopped onions
          Chopped green peppers
          Chopped jalapeno
          Diced tomatoes
          Sour cream

          Lay all the tacos in a cake pan. Smash them to a bit. To with olives, onions, and peppers. Then cover with shredded cheese. Bake until heated through and cheese is melted. To with diced tomatoes. Serve with sour cream and salsa.

          You ready it like a casserole but taste like nachos. Somehow it is already crunchy.


            Didn't see anything about entry limits so what the heck.

            My grandmother kinda "went on strike" for Thanksgiving for a couple of years and didn't want to do traditional fare. We had bbq wings, pulled pork sandwiches, and the like. I brought cocktail wienies. Here is the recipe:

            Materials: 3-quart crockpot (any 3-4 quart pot will work, this is just the most gentle heat)


            2 packs all-beef wienies (about 28-32 oz) (I like beef best)
            1 ~18 oz bottle grape jelly
            1 ~18 oz bottle bbq sauce (I prefer spicy/smoked chipotle) (should be spicy to counter the sweetness of jelly)

            This takes 2-4 hours to warm up depending on your crockpot and setting but I just dump in the grape jelly then the bbq sauce and stir them together a bit. Next drain then dump in the wienies Should get close to the top at this point. Remove some sauce if you have to - you want the wienies!


              My uncle-in-law brought bacon-wrapped brussels sprouts to Thanksgiving pot-luck on my wife's side of the family one year and they stuck with me. Here is a close approximation to his recipe as he was not responsive to my request for a recipe. In case you were wondering "How do you get to so many Thanksgivings?" The answer is my wife and I each have living grandparents and they happened to only live 15 minutes apart. Well, they used to until two years ago at least. Anyway, here goes:


              1 pound brussels sprouts, halved if large
              1 tablespoon
              extra virgin olive oil
              1 pinch each
              kosher salt and black pepper
              1 pinch
              red pepper flakes
              2 tablespoons fresh thyme
              1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
              1 pound bacon
              Toothpicks (at least as many as you have brussels sprouts)
              Ranch or other dipping sauce

              1. Position the oven rack in the lower 1/3 of the oven. Preheat the oven to 425° F.
              2. On a rimmed baking sheet, toss together the brussels sprouts, olive oil, and a pinch each of salt, pepper, and chili flakes. Then add the thyme and parmesan.
              3. Cut the bacon strip into halves or thirds depending on the size. Wrap each sprout in bacon, placing them seam side down on the baking sheet. A toothpick is helpful to hold them together. Roast the brussels sprouts on the lower oven rack until browned, 20 to 25 minutes. Flip and cook another 10 minutes, until deeply browned and crisp.
              4. Serve the sprouts warm with ranch on the side.


              • EvilCreature


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                You may want to double this recipe depending on your crowd - You will see how many this makes when you buy the brussels sprouts. May need a bit more bacon too.

              A sincere "Thank You" to our host. I cannot stress enough, everyone should experience Tiger Sauce. It is great.


                The Giveaway is over, but I stumbled across part of this recipe (made it my own) the other day and had to share anyway.

                They are goat cheese and walnut, bacon wrapped figs….there’s a reason I’m chubby 🤣😂

                super easy too.

                Slice some dried figs to get a “cavity”. Mix goat cheese, toasted walnuts and some of BLachance75’s liquid gold. Stuff the goat cheese mixture into the figs, wrap in bacon, fix with a toothpick and back until brown and crispy (I like my bacon on the cusp of burnt)

                guaranteed to make your pants tight…

                Click image for larger version

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