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Brass Bonanza Giveaway for Walzmas WINNER is: to be determined tonite

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    Brass Bonanza Giveaway for Walzmas WINNER is: to be determined tonite

    I have in the works three different styles of custom markers that originally started out as pgp's..

    i want you to to have the one of your choice for Walzmas..

    These markers are in the first stage of their builds and it is highly possible that the end product may differ from original pictured..

    This giveaway is open to all colors...


    1) post which one fits your style- (you can elaborate if you want)

    2) must have a giveaway of your own

    This giveaway ends December 31 so you have plenty of time to enter

    It's fun and you might win a one of a kind custom marker...( someday when I pass these will be rare and sought after by high dollar brass buffs that will set you up with a fine retirement fund for selling him yours. It's a win- win).

    on to the goods

    On the far left we have:

    The SLYPH: A slim sleek marker, one that's easy on the eyes. Everyone's going to want to touch her..
    you know this is for you, Mr smooth, Mr sauve, Mr elegant.

    in the center we have

    The DEVIANT: This one is for the person who has departed from the usual or standard practices.
    He has to have something altered or changed or he's not happy... this one is converted to direct feed , freaked and back bottled...
    Things may change...
    This one is for you MR "IM HAVING IT MY WAY"

    on the far right we have

    COSMOS: Believe it or not I sent a humble pgp into a futuristic time warp yesterday and it came back one hour earlier looking like this..
    don't ask....
    You know you want this one, Mr " The Future is mine"

    Picture time..

    Oh man sign me up fine sir. I’ll say I am mostly a Cosmos kind of guy. They all are so nice but that added flare of color is speaking to me. These are all beauty’s.


      Wow, Walz, these are all incredible! I think I’d have to go with the Slyph. It’s just too mesmerizing! It’s everything I’m not when I play paintball. Smooth, sophisticated, beautiful. It’s the ring from Lord of the Rings... only I promise not to throw it into lava! As long as everyone else stays away from my precious..... uh, I mean your amazing paintball creations!
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        Oh my. That Cosmos is calling my name. Well done! Seeing how these three beauties evolve will be a treat in and of itself.
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          Wow! They ALL look amazing. What a generous give away. If I were to be lucky enough to win one I’d choose the SLYPH. I love the stainless/nickel look on the barrel.


            They all look great but the Slyph is my favorite.


              Incredibly generous and amazing work. My goodness I love brass with titanium in it. Respectfully out, as I am lucky enough to have my perfect Walz brass. Good luck to everyone!

              Edit: Respectfully IN! Giveaway posted... ti and brass are too tempting.
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              • Mrs. Claus's Side Piece
                Mrs. Claus's Side Piece commented
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                If owning a genuine Walz piece is a goal for you then you should still enter...

              • OpusX


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                That is a strong suggestion Mrs. Claus's Side Piece ... well if I have to choose, Slyph. Titanium and back bottle is a fascinating combo.

              Wow. Slyph would be my pick.


                They are all gems on their own ...

                I like back bottle for worry free play ... Put a 9ci, a lever or a bucket and hit the field ...
                But I usually come back to the under barrel ... And the COSMOS is a amazing mix of prettyness shininess exotic futureness with the sheridan form factor (which I love) ... All this to say I would be honored to wield the COSMOS while I'm flying through the stars.
                Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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                  I'm a pure DEVIANT all the way. I'll start digging for some some sweet walzmas giveaway prizes tonight!


                    *drool* good luck everyone!


                      Ooh, that Cosmos is lovely. But honestly, Deviant is calling my name. I've never, ever left well enough alone.


                        They all look great as all creations by The Greatly Exalted Walz do. I am liking the Deviant myself though the Cosmos is interesting.
                        Now to get something ready to give away.


                          This is tough but if I have to pick one than COSMOS would fit my style the best because I need something compact to play the angles on a person to get a better shot

                          Also you said... someday when I pass these will be rare and sought after by high dollar brass buffs that will set you up with a fine retirement fund for selling him yours. It's a win- win).
                          Unfortunately I would never sell it I would pass it down to someone in my family or someone worthy of a WALZ


                            I'd be more of a DEVIANT guy... After all the times I've attempted stock class (& failed miserably) I simply stick with open class. Some people may say "This is the way" with stock class... Well, this is MY way.
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