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Cheeses! What’s your fancy?

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    Bit of a bump but IDGAF.

    My brother and I got some fancy cheeses for Thanksgiving appetizers this year. I got a truffle parrano, which was incredible. Basically parrano with truffle flakes in it. Probably my new favorite. Of course I love the classics like gouda, pepper jack, white cheddar. I find I like white cheeses much more than yellow.


      Challerhocker is my favorite thing right now. It's a cheese out of Switzerland, but not a swiss cheese. I especially love the terrifying mascot on the rind:

      Click image for larger version

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        I work for a cheese packaging plant, but I'm embarrassed to say I actually don't know much about cheese... We just cut & package stuff. We do mainly trays, 1 & 2 lb packages, pucks and cubes. It blew my mind the first time I saw the stuff in 700lb blocks.

        I'm a simple guy when it comes to cheese. I usually go for the mild, white traditional cheeses, with Gouda being a favorite. Colby Jack is my all-time favorite though. Something about the taste is... just right.

        Originally posted by JasperStout View Post
        Raclette cheese on those little Swiss grills is quite nice.
        I love raclette nights. So much fun.
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          I have a pack of Kraft singles in the fridge.


            Haha when I was in Vegas last year for NXL, we went to some burger place in the Paris Hotel I think? that had Wagyu beef burgers, served with american cheese. Seemed odd to combine such high quality beef with the lowest quality cheese of all time.


              danish blue cheese,
              slightly melted on a steak


                Spiced gouda is fantastic but expensive.


                  Originally posted by NONOBLITUS View Post
                  I can not recommend this farm enough. Give it a go if you want to order some amazing cheese. Womanchego is like nothing else. I’m lucky enough to be able to go to their store whenever I need.
                  I found their website lurking on an open tab from when this thread started so I ordered a bunch of their cheeses for Thanksgiving this year. The womanchego and dairyaire are good enough I'll be ordering more from time to time. I'll be keeping an eye out for their sharp cheddar too. This may sound gross (but isn't) but you can almost taste the grass the cows we're grazing on in it. Good **** all around, thumbs up for Cato.


                    Wish me luck, I have chosen a Stinker.


                      Looks dangerous… another cheese I’m digging, menage. Semi soft mix of milk, goat and sheep milk out of Wisconsin


                        Sharp Cheddar and Longhorn Colby from Wilson's Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, Michigan.
                        I like to keep it simple and cheesy whenever possible.
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                          We don't eat much cheese, but every few weeks I'll wrap a brie in pastry and jam, and bake it for 30 minutes. Makes a nice hold-you-over-till-dinner, with some apple slices, and the kids love it.