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Cheeses! What’s your fancy?

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    Cheeses! What’s your fancy?

    So on my numerous delivery zone I come across few cheese stores. I also have a background where I worked Deli-cheese department at a grocery store and had training and a visit at an importer warehouse to selects new cheeses.

    I try new ones from time to time in local or imported. Funny thing is that a store that I finds private imports have its head office in my local city wich I never looked into.

    So far I liked truffles triple cream and just recently Romano perino with truffles and it was amazing. another hard cheese import I love is juraflore 30months.

    If you love complexity Montebello from Quebec region have Adoré, A must to look into as it combine 3 different flavors in a single cheese. The side is wrapped in woods, the top is washed and the middle is extra creamy.

    if you don’t mind stinky and depts the French Epoisse is something interesting. Just don’t leave any exposed in your trash can the smells will be overwhelming. Soft cheese with a rinds washed with byproduct of the wine industry a few times.

    I still have no love for blues other than what’s for wings.

    See I ain’t only into coffee :3
    And Chesse fits right in with Keto! Only I try not to always stay with cows. I explore goat and sheeps too.

    Raclette cheese on those little Swiss grills is quite nice. And you can’t beat a good Gouda

    and of course the king of cheeses sharp cheddar


      Manchego with quince paste..... Delicious combo


        I could give up almost anything but if the doctor ever tells me I have to give up cheese he's going to get told to go f**k himself.
        ​​​​​​I don't dig on the really stinky cheeses or bleus but everything else has its place. Super sharp crumbly cheddar is probably my favorite. Garlic is always welcome.



          I can not recommend this farm enough. Give it a go if you want to order some amazing cheese. Womanchego is like nothing else. I’m lucky enough to be able to go to their store whenever I need.


            I don’t know what happened to the link up top but it still comes up. Or look up Cato Corner Farm.


              I like stinky. I don't enjoy food unless it hurts me a bit.
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                Cambazola, a loaf of good bread, and a bottle of wine or beer= meal.


                  Cabot Cheddar for the WIN!
                  Originally posted by MAr
                  ... Nish deleted it...

                  Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

                  Master Jar-Jar


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                    3rd rate cheese swill at the best
                    made mostly with milk from outside of vermont, a known fact

                  • Nish


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                    It has gone down hill since selling to Agrimark that for sure. Still top rate from my view.

                  River rat cheese curd


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                    a very good product, but if you have the chance, try some stoltzfus curds, a better curd IMO

                  Yummy, smelly, moldy blues. Colston Bassett Stilton and Gorgonzola are always good. Snagged some Rogue River Blue from Oregon (2019 best cheese in the world) for the charcuterie tray last Christmas, it lived up to the title.
                  Velcor will save us...

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                    Port salut, Jarlsberg, sharp cheddar, an Irish cheese I bought from Costco that was really sharp and somewhat salty and flaky. Brie, Swiss, Parmesan, provolone and Oaxaca. Really don’t have a favorite, just depends on my mood on what I crave. Pretty much enjoy creamy, aged well, sharp and savory cheeses. Might need a thread for those who have made cheese.
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                      Kerrygold! Grass fed cheese from Ireland. USA seem to have their butter but it not here in Canada yet.

                    Amish aged cheddar...6 to 18+ years. Or any 6+ year proper aged cheddar. Has cheese "crystals" that form during the aging and they add texture and a "pop" of cheddar flavor. Texture changes to almost crumbly.

                    I once paid $180 for a piece of cheddar.

                    Welsh Red Dragon is up there for another favorite. Whole mustard seeds and ale.

                    Oh, and pan fried Halloumi with Tomato Jam.

                    For good grocery store cheese, Sartori Merlot BellaVitano is pretty amazing. Parm/Cheddar blend with just enough wine flavor to make it interesting.


                    • BenoitOWN


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                      I agree with bellavitano, normally I take the espresso one but merlot is great too.

                      Cheese crystal is cheese protein changing :P

                    As the self-appointed resident Commandant of Cheeses, I love to eat all cheeses. I do eat some with more glee and enjoyment than others, in particular, I enjoy blue cheeses (cave-aged or otherwise is fine, just gimme that funk...the stranger/more complex the better), Cambozola, dry-aged jack, various kinds of manchego, Emmental, fresh burrata mozzarella, any Brie, Roquefort, Gruyere, Oaxaca, ANY kind of cheddar, raclettes, and Mimolette....oh and Feta makes life betta.

                    Basically, if it is cheese...I like it, likely to a point of it being an addiction. I ALWAYS have at least 7 types of cheese to cover a range of potential culinary or snacking needs....

                    Most of my cheese comes from my local grocery stores (Shopper's Corner and Staff of Life, for those of you who know Santa Cruz), the farmers market (every Sunday), or sometimes Whole Foods or New Leaf Markets. Also, Costco sometimes has some damn good cheeses at damn good prices, so I also buy there when appropriate.

                    In my fridge at the moment:

                    Roaring 40's blue (pretty sure this is an Australian blue, check it out, it's damn good)
                    St, Augr french blue
                    Blacksticks blue (an English orange-colored blue cheese)
                    English Stilton (a staple in my house)
                    Bavarian Emmental (the one from my local Costco)
                    Coastal English Cheddar ("rugged mature white cheddar" also a Costco find & tasty for a range of applications)
                    a random raclette (can't recall where from no label left, but likely french or swiss)
                    half of a Mimolette (an orange-colored hard cheese, not sure where from exactly)
                    Rumiano Dry Jack
                    Parmigiana Reggiano (don't recall which one exactly, again label is gone, also a Costco find)
                    Queso Oaxaca (this one came from my local Mexican market)

                    so yeah, I like cheese.....

                    *edit* Oh, I just found some Kerrygold Dubliner also!
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                    • BenoitOWN


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                      This is a wide selections!
                      In mine there is:
                      2years parmigiana reggiano
                      Lupa romano
                      Fresh mozzarella
                      Soft cheese from cow le pont blanc
                      Ashe log of sheep cheese
                      Erfgoed stemming boerenkaas Gouda

                      The last 3 will come on a bicycle ride tomorrow with a red wine salami, macadamia nuts and some flax crackers.

                    I'm a big fan of a smoked gouda, especially an applewood smoked one. Mmmm!
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