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Cycling Jerseys

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    Cycling Jerseys

    I have a pair of vintage Cannondale/Volvo cycling Jerseys. Short and Long sleeve that I bought in 99 on sale, so they are at least 98 stock if not older.

    They are in great shape.

    Do they have value? Would someone like them if I put them up for sale here?

    I can post pics if people are interested.


    So not for sale... But here they are. I bought these in 99 when I was at the bike shop buying a new inner tube after a bad accident that kept me off my bike for a little bit (more mental than physical).

    I used to (and still do) pretty much just ride in ratty t-shirts. So I saw those on sale and used some of my beer and pizza money to pick them up.

    Ride safe!



      Those are pretty cool.
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