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    Anyone else do Strongman?

    With all the Strongman competitions cancelled, I fell back into paintball again, but cant wait to get back into strongman training.

    I used to do powerlifting, but when I moved to Colorado, there was NOTHING within that scene. It's all CrossFit here. I've been wanting to transition to strongman, but I'm not sure how to best train that on my own with just a bar, a flat bench, and a power rack.


    • greystone
      greystone commented
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      Strongman has a bunch of very specific implements, but at every comp there is always a deadlift variation and overhead pressing variation. Stones....natural stones are crossover to husafell/sandbag carries, there is always some sort of miserable moving medley.

      Google "Starting Strongman", Kalle has a bunch of good info for adapting tradition equipment to strongman training.

      What part of Colorado? The Swolasaurus comp is held in Denver...

    • Magoo
      Magoo commented
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      I live about 30 minutes north of Denver. I'll have to look into that a lot of Denver based stuff is just a bit too far for regular training with my daily life as well. What my old gym did was strength training on week days, specific implement training on weekends. If I can find a strongman outfit in Denver, doing that could be possible. I've got a decent home setup.

    I'd kill for the gyms to open back up in NC, not quite strongman but I was just switching into power lifting from a general lifting routine when COVID shut it all down. I feel so lost without the lifting, it was a great way to channel negative emotions into something productive after good but also after more plentiful bad days.
    I love paintball to death but I get more out of the time I put into the gym not to mention I can go to the gym far more than paintballing at max a couple times a month.
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      Magoo thats typically how strongman training works. Through the week it's deadlifts and pressing (albeit with an axle), squats and accessory work, then Sat & Sunday guys will show up and we do "Strongman Saturday" and "Strongman Sunday" where we setup the actual events for the next competition and train them.