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    I'm in the market for a treadmill so I don't have to go to the gym or suffer the unbearable summer heat. Does anyone have good experiences with more budget-friendly options (in the $600-1000 range)?
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    I picked up a Norditrack Space Saver used 4 years ago and it has held up well to pretty much daily use. I use it to take "walks" mid day while working as a stress reliever and in the morning for exercise. You can find them pretty cheap used I think I paid $200. I would recommend getting one that inclines at the touch of a button it makes it a little more useful and interesting.
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      How much do you run and what's your average pace? If it's mostly walking or light running, just about anything from Costco will work. But if you put on a lot of miles at a higher pace, maybe buy a used commercial. Or a used Sole which I think is probably in your price range.

      I do almost all my runs outside year round but recently wife picked up a folding treadmill as she hates the heat and our building's gym is really small so not going to run there for a while. It tops out at 8mph but it's useable pace is a lot lower. I'm 180lbs and after about 2miles at 8mph, the belt starts to slip a little. It's fine for walking though. Back when we had a larger treadmill (forgot brand but it was a 3hp model from Costco), it held up without issue. Think it topped out at about 12mph and could hold that for a short while. But it could hold 10mph all day.

      So get something more than you think you'll need.