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What book are you reading?

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    Finished Star Wars "Outbound Flight" earlier this week.
    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, is what I'm into now.


      I’m currently traveling a lot and tearing through books/audio books right now.

      the aquariums of Pyongyang was a pretty good one about North Korean concentration camps
      Gulag was long but a pretty easy read about the history of the gulag system in the ussr
      A Promised Land was obamas autobiography, and only half of it. Super long and barely interesting enough to finish.
      a clockwork orange was good once you figured out how to read through the slang
      one flew over the cookoos nest was ok
      educated was awesome. The only one in recent memory I’d recommend to someone.
      extreme ownership is the best self improvement book I’ve read, but it’s also the only one I could finish because all the backstory’s were really good.
      beauties is a bunch of short stories from hockey players. I’d recommend it if you like hockey at all.

      currently working on A Time to Kill


      • Axel


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        Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!

      Just completed "The Benedict Option" by Rod Dreher

      Just started "Paradise Lost" By Milton this morning.


        I am now reading The Wretched of The Earth and plan to read Society of the Spectacle next


          Just finished “the gangs of New York” because the movie was awesome. I wish I would have just left it at the movie, but if you like history it was detailed and interesting.


            True Believer by Jack Carr
            "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." - Theodore Roosevelt

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              Just wrapped up "The Divine Comedy" by Dante. Not sure what I will read next. Might wait till the baby is born and jump into something new afterwards.


                I’m currently working my way through The Expanse series. I’m nearing the end of book four of nine.
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                  I've been on a kick of very old books. I wrapped up The Castle of Otranto back over winter. Decent, but very dramatic. The traditional use of the word "ejaculate" made me giggle.

                  Then I read Frankenstein. Just finished that a few weeks ago. VERY good book. It takes you all over Europe, and will have you feeling pity for Frankenstein, his monster, and all parties involved. Rather good ending as well (or, maybe not "good", but interesting and well done). Not what I had expected. I honestly loved the book.

                  Now I'm reading The Iron Heel by Jack London. It's about a failed socialist revolution (I think? So far, that's what I can tell) in the US, but has all of these footnotes because it's supposed to be a reference book used by some civilization that exists 700 years in the future? It's weird. It starts off boring and difficult to follow because the protagonist has to make his ideology known, and that was done by the use of massive amounts of dialog and argumentation. The bit about metaphysics was the worst. But now that I'm past all of that, I'm enjoying it. It really shows well how much influence the moneyed classes have over government and enforcement. Honestly, could almost be a case for anarchism. There are a lot of references to actual events that happened during the late 1800's/early 1900's, and that makes it very interesting.


                    I'm just about to start Dune for the first time. Unfortunately the person who loaned it to me warned me that the first chunk is a bit of a slog so I'm procrastinating starting it.
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                    • autococker04


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                      I quit in the first chunk because I thought it was a slog. Maybe I should give it another shot.

                    • Jonnydread


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                      autococker04 Yeah it's still slow, but I'm getting into it more and more. There's just a lot to absorb so I think you really just have to take your time with it.

                    • JonM


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                      I ended up reading the entire series many years ago along with several of the Brian Herbert novels. Once you get into it, the series is engrossing.

                    Just started re-reading "The Book of the New Sun."

                    Also working through 7 more "Legend of Drizzt" books. Decided to take in some fast food fantasy.


                      Just finished Rex Riders.
                      Now onto Space Vikings .


                        Just finished In a Dry Season and re-read Charles McDonald's Company Commander. Both very good.
                        Current read is Gun Parts Corporation Catalog #21. An oldie but goodie.
                        Sic transit res publica


                          I just finished Pirate Hunters:

                          It was a very interesting book and directly in my wheel house (see what I did there) in regards to interests. Loved the book. The ending (literally the last page) was abrupt and not what I had hoped for but didn't detract from a true story book. Well worth the read.
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                            I’m reading First Things First by Stephen Covey. It’s about living life for the things that really matter. Excellent read so far, and I’ve already found ways to improve quality of life.

                            Not long ago I finished Steelheart by Brian Sanderson. It’s the first in a trilogy for young adults. My daughter gave it to me as a mandatory reading assignment. Had fun with it - some good surprises and decent character development. Not quite in the level of the Hunger Games series, but still very enjoyable.