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PTSD is real, seek out treatment.

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    PTSD is real, seek out treatment.

    This is for you guys that served but also for anyone that has experienced PTSD, seek treatment, call a battle buddy or even get the diagnosis if you haven’t, you all have the VA, or family doctor, the point is please do something.

    So most all of you won’t know this, although I never served in the military, I spent 21 years working at a Army Base. Fort Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division. I worked for the DoD, specifically DLA, The Defense Logistics Agency, I occupied a position that was classified CEW, Civilian Expeditionary Workforce, meaning I was deployable anywhere, but mostly they needed us In Afghanistan.

    My 1st deployment was 2015, I was slated to go the Bagram, my Battle Buddy, was Krissie Davis, on Day 37 of our 180 days in theater, the worst happened. Another IDF attack, the C-RAM wasn’t able to detonate the incoming rocket and it struck my truck, it was chaos and it was devastating.

    I spend 4 years in therapy, I don’t talk about it that often, recently the Army dedicated a building to Krissie at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The Conference Room inside was dedicated to SPC McGinnis, KIA, Iraq he was awarded Medal of Honor, the Bronze star, and a Purple Heart.

    Before the dedication I spoke with public affairs, here’s the story, Thank you all for your service.
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    Wow, very powerful story. I can't imagine what that was like, or what you go through. Thank you for sharing.

    The reason I clicked in the first place, is that I've had to get help for the first time last week. A series of events the last couple of months left me broken and unable to cope with the anxiety. I now understand that ANYONE can be affected by mental health issues, it just takes an event to trigger it. One day at a time.
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      One thing I discovered or just never thought about really, therapists go to therapy. They need to go it’s basically required.

    I'm glad you were able to share... And "Thank You"!
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      Thanks for sharing this. I served with C/1/26 and A/1/26 in Baghdad during the troop surge of 2007. Ross McGinnis died shortly before our arrival and there were pictures up of him at the Apache house in Adhamiyah. I remember the folks saying he was nominated for the CMOH, and I’m glad his family was able to receive the award oh his behalf.

      2007 in Adhamiyah was pure hell. I have some scars from there myself, and in the spirit of your original post will share that several days ago I finally decided to do something about it and seek treatment. Take care of yourself.


        I am going bump this for our veterans, Fort Drum lost 3 soldiers to suicide this weekend, first time in 20 years the Post is mostly all home, call your battle buddy.


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          That was a hell of a read, thanks for serving and clearly PTSD is a bitch. I'm glad you sought out help