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    Yeah, my etherium and litecoin have been doing great! I'm just putting all my savings in there for now, and it's really nice to make 10%+ on a savings account

    Also, I DID happen to put a bit into Dogecoin at around 5 cents. And then i proceeded to forget about it, and assumed it was doomed to fail... Now, i'm wishing I had put more.


      Originally posted by Axel View Post
      One more thought... I am encouraged by the fact that even though BTC isn't moving much in aggregate, it's more or less holding near the high for a few months now, instead of plummeting instantly like the last bubble
      Checkout Cardona (ADA) on YouTube

      You can snag it up on coinbase


        Originally posted by Axel View Post
        I've half intended to buy a few coins for awhile--maybe litecoin or a few satoshis--just for the heck of it. Now's probably not the best time to jump on board...

        But screw it, I had four bucks and change extra cash sitting in Robinhood so now I'm the proud owner of 1300 Dogecoins πŸ˜†

        What do you all think of cryptocurrency, what's your strategy, etc
        This idea aged well.


          Getting more into it lately. No clue what things will do in the short term but long term this stuff could be used as the currency in VR worlds like that movie ready player 1.

          Or it's all just nonsense. But I think that VR tech is coming. I'm sure smart contracts are great for other stuff but I won't pretend to have a great understanding of that.

          I own a little bit of BTC, ETH, and ADA. My "strategy" will just be to slowly average in, targeting for 1-5% of my assets in crypto.


            Originally posted by autococker04 View Post

            This idea aged well.
            A lot better than I expected, that's for sure.

            Don't get me wrong, in the back of my head I was thinking, 'these things are 3-for-a-penny...' and calculating multiples thereof if it were to explode, but I didn't expect it to actually, you know, happen
            I ultimately put less than the cost of a case of field-grade paint into this, so I'm letting it ride until it changes my life or goes to zero.
            Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


            • autococker04


              Editing a comment
              It’s looking good. Every time I want to cash out I have to remind myself that I started at $5, even if it all goes away I can’t really lose.

            Dogecoin up to $0.60 today has me very happy (and also super sad about the chunk I sold off at $0.056 6 weeks ago)