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Sea Shanties - kinda my new addiction

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    Sea Shanties - kinda my new addiction

    And this guy does a fantastic job! I love his weekly youtube videos, with a little commentary

    But also his bandcamp album. just listening on repeat and grunting out the harmonies, my wife is wondering WTF is going on up here in my home office, haha.

    Rainmaker's feedback:

    I never miss an opportunity for a good drinking/pirate/gaelic/bagpipe/folk style tune. I like what you've got there.

    I'll add a favorite of mine, an acoustic Alestorm song (I like what I like):

    Velcor will save us...

    Current MCB Feedback :
    Legacy MCB Feedback (Wayback Machine)




      • Cdn_Cuda


        Editing a comment
        This is a personal favourite of mine!

      I spent a couple decades as the chantyman with a pirate re-enactment group. Hence the moniker.
      Interestingly, they developed different rhythms depending on the effort since everybody had to work & pull together.
      There were long-haul, short-haul and capstan chanties, as well as the storytelling kind and each served it's own purpose.

      And of course, there were those you didn't sing in polite company.
      Friggin in the riggin the sex pistols - YouTube