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Who are you going to see?

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    The Interrupters on Saturday


      my wife decided we're going to see pentatonix this summer.


        Death Grips this Saturday in San Francisco
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        • $L!mBo
          $L!mBo commented
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          sweet, i have tickets for nyc later this month. heard Nick from Tera Melos/Bygones is playing guitar with them this tour

        • alpha_q_up


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          Sick! Their show was great but they just had Andy, Zach and Ride on that last run but it's always been fun with the three I'm sure if Nick is joining them it'll give them a good point to mix stuff up, regardless have fun, they're unbelievably fun

        Lady Starlight is playing a live set in a couple weeks, and I saw Danny Daze and Anja Schneider a few weeks ago.
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          I plan on seeing James Taylor tomorrow night if it doesn’t get rained out. 🤞


          • autococker04


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            As long as it’s not fire and rain you should be in good shape.

          I have tix for Matisyahu and Tori Amos next time I'm home from the boat.
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          • homerj
            homerj commented
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            Man I’d love to see Tori Amos. Little Earthquakes is probably in my top 10 favorite albums.

          Small report:

          Saw the Silverstein show last month, but I'll start with the openers:

          One Step Closer: I actually found that I really liked these guys. Tons of energy, solid performance, really good stage presence. Picked up an album from the merch station to support them.

          SeeYouSpaceCowboy: Not my favorite, still good, just not my jam.

          Dayseeker: Solid band, just a bit too on the low-key side of things. I'm sure for fans it was a great show. Rory is an amazing vocalist who puts a ton of emotion into his work.

          Silverstein: Boy, what a killer show. One of the last stops on the tour, and Shane (lead vocals) was sick, stepping back to hit an inhaler between songs, but he gutted it out and the band picked him up. They played one hell of a setlist, including a cover of Linkin Park's One Step Closer. Full setlist here:

          Overall, fun concert. Found a new band for sure and got to see one of my "bucketlist" bands.
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            I hear Alesana is coming to spantburg, sc in August, probably the last chance to ever see the original band performing, deffinalty will not miss it


              I saw Helloween and Hammerfall in Royal Oak, fantastic show.


                Saw Blackberry Smoke last night in Reading PA.. Man those guys can play. My buddy knows them so we had all access. Super nice guys as well as top notch musicians. If you like southern rock or just appreciate awesome guitar playing check these guys out.


                • BrickHaus


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                  J e l l y

                Last night was The Dead South and the opener was Corb Lund. Excellent show.

                Upcoming: Less Than Jake, Gwar and Here come the Mummies. Not


                • zinger565


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                  That would be one hell of a show though, lol

                Wife and I just locked tix in for the Out of the Blue Festival. Its a 4 day folk music festival that just got announced. January 7-11 in Mexico. All inclusive and the concerts are right there on the beach.

                Im not one for music festivals per say. But between the fact that its a trip to Mexico in the dead of winter, the wife and I love 8 of the 10 bands preforming for the festival. Im pretty stoked to be going to this. It should be a great time.


                  I’m probably going to see Train next Thursday. Hey, Soul Sister is one of the worst songs ever but other than that i mostly like them. The Saturday after that i might go see 3 Doors Down. They’re fine but Candlebox is opening for them & that’s the main reason I’d be going.


                    Planning to see the Cybertronic Spree and Mac Sabbath in Buffalo come November.


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                      • Laserlips
                        Laserlips commented
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                        I think Mastodon has some amazing albums but I saw them open for Primus and they....seemed tired. I hope they rocked.

                      • Jonnydread


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                        Laserlips nah they were awesome! I’ve seen them before when they were low energy and it’s def noticeable. They were into it this time