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Suggestions on in-ear monitors.

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    Suggestions on in-ear monitors.

    So I'm poking at some music now and then again, and in general found that I like monitor-style earbuds better than general electronic-department ones. They've certainly proven to have a better range and audio feel, and if I really want that V-shaped response toward the bass and treble or that accursed Beats muddied bass pound, I can use the EQ that every electronic has now.
    The problem is I wear glasses, which makes most if not all closed cans anywhere from uncomfortable to unusable.
    Now, I do have a pair of KZ ZSNs but serious audiophiles and producers claim they're not truly neutral. OTOH, they sound absolutely amazing for $25 IEMs, and really darn good for even the $45 on sale I paid for them when they were new, at least for listening to.
    As a hobbyist, are they really bad enough to cause any mixing issues? Are there good suggests for anything with a good 'soundstage' on a budget? Or am I better served sticking with these and just listening through various other pairs, when 95% of my time is spent enjoying them instead of utilizing them?

    I've been using the SHURE SE215's for 6 years and for the price I don't think you can beat them. I used to use cheap in-ears but I kept blowing them so I switched to the SHURE's and they've been great.


      How is your signal configured? Are you using a decent DAC and headphone amp or just plugging direct into PC/phone?

      Having a proper headphone amp that is properly impedance matched to your cans is vital to good listening IMO. Low impedance cans need a very low (<1 ohm) output on the source to avoid distortion. A decent headphone amp is cheap and makes a world of difference. So do external DACs.

      I have a Topping portable dac/head amp that I use with my phone to listen to Qobuz at 24/192 and it sounds great. It can't compete with my desktop setup but it's more than fine for on the go use.

      Long story short...If it were me, I'd get the best possible signal decoding/amplification path I could afford right now, then see what money I have left over for phones.


        I've heard Shure makes good stuff. Haven't bought any yet, I've never had the need for professional quality before.

        My setups are just straight into the jack. Quick, simple, I'm an enjoyer, not a strict audiophile. Though I have grown to demand better than corner-shelf stuff. I'm good on enjoyable stuff right now, just considering on a budget to keep what the computer is trying to output to what is actually audible. I don't do that near enough to throw hundreds of dollars at it, I'll just do the old trick of testing with every set of earbuds I have in a drawer.


          When I had a jack to plug into I used Brainwavz M1's. Very good IEM's, I listened to a lot of classical, rock, and vocal music. I paid ~$40 5+ years ago for them? They have a more flat/neutral sound to them which I like, as opposed to base heavy headphones.

          They have a new Delta IEM which is ~$18 with in line call functions. Might be a good option to try.

          I no longer have a jack to plug into