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Guitar makers: Weird custom LP wiring question.

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    Guitar makers: Weird custom LP wiring question.

    So I bought a kit. Like ten years ago, when I had more spare time than sense. Then I moved, it's been taking up closet space, I get some free time again, and I got tired of that and decided to Finish A Project.

    Problem: Young Dumb Me decided he was going to put in onboard effects. Not bad in itself. Just drill an extra hole and--oops, machine slipped. Nice 1.375" hole all the way through the face of the instrument. Clean, though.
    YDM made a new plan. New proper hole. Make a cover piece for the screw-up, mount in a push-pull as a master volume. One direction is a bypass, other switches distortion on and activates an LED as a visual indicator.
    Went down to the store, explained to Possibly Idiot Tech, who said "That sounds awesome, and I have just the thing" and handed me a pot, which YDM bought without question.
    And then moved to a place without a workshop, so this has been in a closet for Older, Slightly Less Stupid Me. And now it's not about making an awesome guitar, it's about Finishing A Project, and proving to myself I can still make it a passable instrument.

    The parts I currently have:
    6 holes in guitar.
    Stock passive pickups (probably garbo).
    4 original kit pots. Honestly not terrible for tiny import 250s but not great. I planned on buying 500s.
    The onboard effects board. Think it was from GuitarFetish?
    A push-pull pot. B250k.
    Jacks, both original mono and stereo if needed.
    A 9v battery box.
    All the stuff to make them fit, physically. Openings already routed.
    Exactly 1/2 clue how to wire this until I break out the soldering iron and breadboard to test.
    Experience following a walkthrough with a picture, but not wiring from scratch.

    So I want at least 3/4 clue.
    Is the original plan going to work, with some tinkering? Am I close but need different parts? Is it a case of "lmao no, do this instead?" Do I just abandon the push-pull master volume and get a dual-throw button?

    Holy man, this sounds like quite the project. Are you still waiting, or have you finished it yet?

    I would probably pick up some actives, if you're going to be using onboard effects, and have a battery box... Does your board require 9v or 18v?


      On hold for the moment. Got more of a clue now, but also have a heap of other projects under more of a deadline.
      Slow going, but going.