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Project instruments.

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    Project instruments.

    Who likes working on instruments?
    Heck, who's better at working on them than playing them?
    I recently finished a 'minor' project--in that, as a stupid teenager, I applied paint, redid the insides, and applied admirable craftsmanship to questionable taste--and now, twenty years later, returned my first guitar to more-or-less stock.

    The next one is a Les Paul kit. Spalted maple. Plan on doing a yellow-to-green burst, with lines creeping in toward the center, and debating whether to fade the initial layer in or leave it hard-edged and fade to dark only within the green.
    Also cut out a section for a batter box and a push-pull master volume pot. Pulling it will turn on an onboard distortion backlit with an LED, pushing it bypasses straight to output.
    Thankfully did that before I moved, when I had machines.

    I built a dreadnought acoustic a few years back in a class. It was loads of fun! Sitka spruce top, rosewood sides & back, purple heart sound hole inlay. The octopus on the head stock is purple heart and mother of pearl.

    I'll see if I can find the pictures and get them on to Photos or something like that- until then here are a few. One of these days I'll even learn how to play it.
    cellophane's feedback


      This reminds me, I've been wanting to build a Ukulele. Need to get on that.
      Rainmaker's feedback:


        I have a Ugears Hurdy Gurdy ( kit still in the box, that I have been meaning to put together but I'm thinking of saving it for a snowed in weekend.
        I don't believe in much but I do believe in duct tape.


          Oh. I'm a fan of the hurdy-gurdy, used properly.
          I'd like to make one, but I know I'd never learn to play it. I don't practice my bass enough, I'd never manage anything else.