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Guitar Rig Show Off Thread

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    Okay, cool, seems to have worked. Also, forgive the mess. We moved recently, and I've been given that particular area. I am much less tidy than my wife, and it's a slow process organizing it......

    There's a few more in cases in a closet somewhere.


      This is my old one. I haven't gotten another since selling it.

      Click image for larger version

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      FEEDBACK -


        Originally posted by Magoo View Post
        Lemme try to post pics for the first time on the new site...

        Click image for larger version

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        Okay, so I've never actually inventoried what I have, musically.

        Guitars (visible):
        - '99 Epiphone Sheraton II
        - Seagull S6 Acoustic guitar (really solid acoustic)
        - '93 Gibson Les Paul Studio (my first "good" electric; got a nice story with that one)
        - Jay Turser JT-MOS Moserite copy
        - Gibson SG Special
        - Fender American Standard Telecaster (in pieces)
        - G&L Legacy (American, what a Strat WANTS to be [seriously, this thing is NICE])
        - Gretsch G5420T Electromatic ("White Pigeon")
        - Dean USA V (I LOVE the neck on this thing, and whoever says Vs are hard to play sitting down, git gud. It's super comfy.)

        Guitars (cased):
        - ESP LTD F-50 (got it for like $50, as a project)
        - ESP LTD Eclipse Black Metal (chug chug chug)
        - Fender Player's Strat (tobacco burst, Mexican)
        - Gibson Explorer ('76 Reissue, natural walnut)
        - Gibson Explorer (Bill Kelliher "Golden Axe" sig [I don't usually go for sigs, but 1) I love Mastadon, 2) If I had my own sig, it would be built just like this thing...])
        - Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul (that cheap blue one from like 2010, that's apparently worth bank now... [I got the thing NOS from Best Buy for like $300.])
        - Ibanez Prestige RG655 in blue (perfect shredder)

        Basses (visible):
        - 1976 Rickenbacker 4001
        - 80's (Prolly 89) Gibson Q-90
        - Fender American Standard Precision

        Basses (cased):
        - Ibanez SR505
        - Peavey Cirrus 5-string
        - Ernie Ball Stingray SUB

        - Deering Goodtime II banjo
        - Ohana mahogany ukulele
        - Rover RM-75 mandolin
        - My mom's old 50's Silvertone accordion

        - Crate Vintage Club 50 (came with the Les Paul, it matches!)
        - Line 6/VOX VT-30 bastard thing my neighbor made
        - 1974 Fender Vibrochamp (this thing SINGS)
        - Fender Twin Reverb Custom reissue (WAY too goddamn loud for my little house)
        - Ibanez Soundwave 35 (Cheap as hell, has no balls, but sounds surprisingly true. Good little practice amp)
        - Traynor TB-100 (bought as a practice amp, but I actually like the Soundwave better)
        - Orange Brent Hinds Terror (See? I like Mastodon...) on a PPC112 cab
        - Orange Micro Terror (OMG IT'S SO CUTE) on a PPC108 (OMG IT'S SO CUTE)

        Pedals (in this department I am SEVERELY lacking, but eh...)
        - Ibanez TS808
        - Modtone Coliseum reverb
        - Boss RC-1 looper
        - Crybaby wah

        Between all that, I can make sounds I like.


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          That dayglo rick 4001 is just beautiful

        Just realized I haven't posted my updated pedalboard.

        The pedal selection hasn't changed that drastically. The Walrus Slo and the TC Mini Flashback II have been swapped out for the Mooer LoFi Machine and a Mooer D7 Delay. Seriously, I haven't found a Mooer pedal that I didn't like. The D7 is funny; it a 6 mode delay + looper, with most of the different modes being really weird modulated delays. On almost every mode, I have the time set to zero so I just have the weird modulation.

        The big change is that I managed to cram everything into a flight case. Between the patch bay I added last update, and 90* cable adapters, I can run everything without having to remove the board from the case. And when I want to take it somewhere, I can just unplug everything, throw the cables on top, close the lid and go.

        EDIT: dang that picture looks like crap. It looked much better on my phone...


          Just started learning to play bass. My dads played guitar for 40 or so years and so do both my brothers. I had a guitar and amp when I was around 5 or 6 and played around but I never really got into it. Now at 33 I decided to give it a try. Borrowed this '83ish peavey amp from my dad and his washburn bass and started plucking away.

          After a couple weeks of that I decided to jump in with both feet and bought a Peavey Fury VI off goodwill.

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            Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210726_223253630.jpg
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Size:	3.64 MB
ID:	154912The guitars I can get to.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210726_223325135.jpg
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ID:	154913 Amps


              These are going into a whacky project guitar I'm dreaming up.

              Rainmaker's feedback:



                Decided to dramatically simplify my rig. No more pedalboard, no giant tube amp that's way too loud, just the PRS and a Positive Grid Spark. I have a bluetooth footswitch for the Spark in the mail, which will let me toggle on or off overdrives, modulation, delays, etc.


                  OOOOH I just got back into playing my bass's. I'll have to snap a pic of my setup and get in here.


                    I’ll play. Wife and I are both musicians so we basically have a small music store between us. My main axe and drag around gigging rig. Plus my recording rig. Garage after loading back in one night.