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Guitar Rig Show Off Thread

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    Guitar Rig Show Off Thread

    Felt we needed a space to show off guitar and bass rigs, mostly because I wanted to show off my stuff. So that's what this is!! Show off guitars, amps, pedal boards and/or collections.

    Here's my rig:

    I'm a bit of a minimalist; I only want one guitar that can do everything, and one amp that can do the same. I play everything John Mayer to death metal, and this rig does a shockingly good job at covering that much ground.

    The guitar is a PRS SE 24 Floyd. PRS makes incredible instruments; even the SE range is just stupidly well built. The only downside on the SE range is that the tops can be kinda lousy; when I saw this one on reverb, the color and the figuring on the top sold me. It's almost entirely stock; still has the 85/15 pickups, I've just changed the knobs to o-ring knobs, added a kill switch to the volume pot, and swapped out the push/pull coil split for a push/push coil split.

    The amp is a Egnater Renegade, a really cool 65w 212 combo tube amp. It's an affordable/Chinese amp, but it has some of the craziest features I've ever seen. It has both EL34s and 6L6s, and each channel has a separate tube mix knob where you can blend the two tubes together. The clean is very Fender-y, the distortion is kinda Marshall-y. It's veeery versatile. I plan on re-finishing the enclosure, it's a little too "country/western" looking for my tastes, and I will swap out the speakers pretty soon. It currently has a V30 and an Elite 80, which is a custom voiced Lead 80. The V30 is fine, but the Elite 80 does not work for what I do. So I'll be swapping them out for Hesu Demon speakers in the next few months.

    I've just recently gotten started on pedal collecting; in fact, just today I commissioned a trio of hand-made pedals from a guy on instagram. I'll be building an actual pedalboard at the start of next year. But anyway, I'm currently running a very minimalist setup; Horizon Devices Precision Drive in the front of the amp, and a Dunable Eidolon in th FX loop. The Precision Drive is bar-none the best TS-style overdrive in existence; it has wider parameters in all categories and a built-in noise gate. Sounds absolutely killer for any genre. The Eidolon is a 3-in-1 delay/reverb/boost pedal. Basically all the things you need to get a lush solo sound with one button (plus tap tempo). The pedal in the middle is the latest addition, it won't be used regularly but it's really fun. It's another Dunable pedal, called the Splatterblaster. It's a 2-in-1 Superfuzz style germanium fuzz plus an HM-2 style distortion, with stereo output and all sorts of crazy blend capabilities. It's all kinds of nasty haha. Perfect for black metal, Swedish death metal, or shoegaze.

    As much of a minimalist as I am, pedals are the one area where I'm allowing myself to go a little crazy. Like I said, I just commissioned some cool pedals, and I have a shopping list of stuff from TC and EHX.

    Aaaaaanyway. Looking forward to seein all y'all's stuff.
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    • KingxSlinky666


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      Those much want.

      I've been considering putting some of his pick ups in my schecter.

    All i got, very new and s***** at playing but that will change soon

    i want to get a gibson sg and a flying v when im ready 🅱
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      Originally posted by MrKittyCatMeowFace View Post
      All i got, very new and s***** at playing but that will change soon

      i want to get a gibson sg and a flying v when im ready 🅱
      My first electric guitar was a Jackson King V. They're cool and all, but not particularly practical.


        My '17 MIM Fender Jaguar Bass, my '97(? I think? Its been awhile) Epiphone Dot, and my 2001 Fender American Series Strat. Crappy pics , I guess I need better ones...

        I'm currently playing bass in a cover band (well current as in we gigged a year ago and then covid hit) so the Jag gets most of the time right now. I play through a Fender Rumble 500 2x10. I got the whole kit for under a grand. Really just wanted a bass with a PJ setup and an amp with 2x10. I bought this as a "working mans setup" but man, I fell in love with both of them.

        I have gigged the two guitars, though probably not since the mid 00's? I play them through a Fender Stage 160 (Gasp, solid state!!). I've been wanting to get a nice tube amp in the 40 to 60W range. Been playing the guitar more again since our buddy has been guest spotting with us on bass. If that becomes more regular I definitely want to find something. Although I cant complain about the stage 160. While its not a tube amp, it has some pretty sweet tone and its been rock solid for 20 plus years. The onboard reverb recently crapped out but otherwise its a trooper. And damn is it LOUD


          All the junk I currently have on hand at my parents place. Wish the picture quality wasn't that of a potato.


            My half assed board, Roxane flanger, the all mighty HM-2, tuner, afterneath for the spacey sparkly bits and a Abominable Hail Cannabis(big muff) I'm to lazy to actually finish putting it together or hook it all up usually just fuzz and reverb.

            Ignor the cigarette ashe.


              This one is currently loaned out to a good buddy of mine I've been balling with since we were kids, its an American Profession Tele with Fishman active pickups that was given to me its unbelievably beautiful. Also loaned out the ol Hot rod deluxe.


              • Magmoormaster
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                oof. I love teles. My sister just got her first guitar earlier this year, a Squier Bullet tele in the same color as yours.

              Here’s me at NAMM in the Warwick booth back in 2014. Had to make it look like I knew what I was doing, nailed it. I used to work on guitars and repair pedals, help with setups and blah blah blah. Gave away and sold everything, never knew how to play anyway. I do love them though, don’t know why.

              Edit: Was gonna add pics of my guitar I used for testing ideas (given away) and a couple jobs I’ve done, but sadly they’re nowhere to be found as of now. So now I feel like an ass for this post. I deserve this
              Click image for larger version  Name:	49C04933-C743-4B17-B33B-D9F9E31AFF62.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	567.6 KB ID:	68609
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              • KingxSlinky666


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                I'm so jelly, a friend and I were planing to attend NAMM this year. I'm awful and probably always will be but that makes no difference to me. I've been at it off and on for like 15 years. I'm trying to start building some pedals but its kinda fallen to the wayside like a lot of other projects that are music related.

              Love my warwick...they are a great set up imop...although I have my eye on a dean demonology at the moment


                My current electrics:

                From top:
                Schecter A1 Elite
                EMG 81X/85X
                E standard

                Dean Razorback V Standard
                B standard

                Jackson RR3
                EMG 81/85

                Epiphone Goth Explorer
                EMG 81/81
                D standard


                Rainsong WS1000 gen 1


                Peavey Fury 5
                Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 600

                Duncan straplocks on everything.


                NU-X Might Lite

                Blackstar HT-1R Metal into a Blackheart cab
                Crate MXB-25

                SKB PS-45 pedalboard with a rotating assortment of pedals

                In storage in my parents basement:

                Carvin V3-212
                JCA Pico-valve (heavily modified)
                Peavey Valve Tube Supreme 100w head
                more pedals

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                  Alright, version 1.0 of my pedalboard is done!!

                  Signal chain is:
                  Precision Drive -> Blue Faze (fuzz) -> amp
                  FX loop - Ensemble King (chorus) -> Eidolon -> Looper Tuner -> amp

                  Found out I had space for 3 more pedals, so I threw in the Mooer mini pedals and a cheap looper from amazon. The top row will change out hopefully next weekend, the MWK pedals I ordered should be done and in my hands by then. Or at least, the first 3 will, the noise gate I added to my order will probably be another month or so. I'm also going to get a TRS patch bay so I can unplug everything (including the amp footswitch) for easier transportation.

                  In case you're wondering, "why are you using that boring Mooer fuzz pedal instead of the cool Dunable fuzz you posted pics of earlier?" I tried and found out that the Dunable fuzz is really noisy and doesn't play well with other pedals. You basically have to use it on its own or with some sort of switcher like a Quartermaster where you can put it in its own loop.

                  Anyway, I'm pretty excited about it, and thought I'd share.


                    My wife got me this little beauty for Christmas. Sounds beautiful! I've been wanting a uke for years.


                      Made some changes to my pedalboard, and got the last pedal I needed to finish it up last night:

                      Last pic shows the Hosa patch bay that allows me unplug everything for easier transportation.

                      Also swapped the speakers in my amp. Made a world of a difference:


                        Lemme try to post pics for the first time on the new site...

                        Click image for larger version

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