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Doormouse- Live at the Barn 08/15/2020

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    Doormouse- Live at the Barn 08/15/2020

    Probably not most people's cup of tea, but I recently stumbled on this and it is epic. I actually didn't know he was still playing hardcore so that was a pleasant find. I've seen Dan play a bunch of times and his live sets are (apparently still) wild. A great set put together by a hardcore legend, he somehow manages to mash together Primus, Elton John, Toto, bluegrass, polka, and a whole mess of other bits with the more expected hardcore, gabber, and breakcore. I'm pretty sure this was all setup to record a Barn set and from the looks of things there were only a couple other people there.

    A little backstory if you are interested:
    Doormouse is a DJ / Producer and ran Addict Records for a long time, which was a hardcore/breakcore label out of Milwaukee. His live sets were always gonzo, whether it was a DJ set or a live PA. The Barn is quite literally a barn in a field somewhere in Wisconsin. I sadly never made it to any of the barn parties but I have heard some stories- most involve some form of 'hold my beer and watch this.' If you really want some ear bashing, I'd start with his first mixtape: Freaking Doormouse (erm- family friendly title) It is intense.
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