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Faster photo transfers?

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    Faster photo transfers?

    Any recommendations for a fast SD card reader? The mini usb-b port on my camera body is just so darn slow.

    Got a few usb-3 ports on the old PC (not sure if 3.1 or not), no type-c at the moment unless there's one hidden on the back I haven't noticed yet, but that may change.

    Just looking for something that won't fall apart after a week.

    Mainly I'm posting because I'm bored, got 50 minutes to kill while waiting for the card to copy over to the hard drive.

    I dont know a ton about this stuff, but Ive picked a little up as I built my PC up, so please excuse my of any ignorance.

    Can I ask what brand and type of card you are using? Ive seen the media device itself severly choke transfer speeds, so a different SD card may be in order. Most cards should be able to handle about 12 meg a second, which isnt blazing for large transfers. You may simply be limited by the media format. From a quick search, there is a write up on the scandisk pro 32gb cards benchmarking at 95 megs a second being the fastest card tested in that study.

    Next is the card reader. Sounds like you want to use a USB card reader. But from what Im seeing, even the basic usb 2.0 readers can transfer data at 50 megs a second ( quick google search) and usb 3.0 drives can go up to 400 megs a second. So depending on what your transfer speed is, the usb 2.0 may be the limiting factor.

    your motherboards usb ports are likely choking you to 50 megs a second, but your sd card is likely further bottlenecking it down to something like 15.

    Id start by finding the fastest sd card I could find and seeing how the transfer speeds compare after use.

    When transfering files, it tells you the transfer speeds, what does it run at while moving the media?


      My experience is that all SD card readers eventually fail so buy two. I’ve owned many. They all get hot and they are all junk. Name brands don’t mean anything. The only one that has never given me an issue is the one built into my iMac.

      The USB-C socket doesn’t move data any faster than USB3 so don’t bother aiming for USB-C style connectors. Save those ports for when you need them.


        you need to use thunderbolt drive. fastest you can down load photo. if you have fast reading card and use usb port does not matter what gen. you have chance for it not read right or good enough. since chance to corrupts the photo