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photographer lets see your top 10 photo of 2022

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    photographer lets see your top 10 photo of 2022

    since have limit to how much i can post and size here link to flickr account to see my top 10 photo of 2022

    Top10 on Flickr - is that automatically done or is that your personal top 10 pick? Sorry for the confusion. Hmm... Maybe an album you made based on the top 10 most viewed?

    I like the idea and honestly want to replicate it, just trying to figure out how you went about it.
    I am the admin...


    • chrislognshot


      Editing a comment
      my photo to large for this site. and only way to post. i tried to upload a 45.7 megapixel photo said could not post do to file to large in size and mb

    Great action photos Chris!
    Cuda's Feedback


      the only way i can post photo on most sites is my flickr site. since have photo in JPG over 24mb or being 45.7 megapixel to large to most site to post. i can not post true resolution file of photo from Z9 since resolution is at this 8256 x 5504 that JPG and raw size for photo's why i use flickr account to show my work. so do not have to downgrade photo or crop in so lose part of photo to see