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GoPro recommendations?

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    GoPro recommendations?

    So I've going back and forth on getting a GoPro for ages and I think I'm finally gonna do it. I've been eyeing the Hero 6 Black as it seems to take pretty good stable video and the price used isn't awful but I figured I would see if anyone here has any experience with them or general action camera advice before I finally spend the money.

    The fake ones on eBay work decent. Mount the same way as a go pro. My brother bought a bunch for kayaking. This way if he losses them it really don’t matter there cheap. I imagine they would work good for paintball just get the high frame rate one.


      I got this Dragon Touch 4k on Amazon. It takes great video. Audio is pretty meh, inside and outside of the case. But we aren't making vlogs here, there are other camera for that. lol! For $40, it has a crap ton of accessories too!
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        Nice hard to beat that for $40! Has it been hit by a paintball yet? I wonder how it will hold up.


        • Stilgar


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          I have replaced the case three times now. Once for the shot above and twice because the door keeps cracking at the hinges

        I always loved using my contour when I recorded a lot. Have a mount stuck to a pair of jt hard ears.

        They get great audio, are waterproof without a case, and are easy to use. I always recorded is 720 60fps and it got great video (you can see ypur paint fly) though it ate up data like a mfer.

        Downside is it was on the side of my head so left handed shooting footage was junk. And the internal batteries barely make it through a day of play if you are making sure to shut it off when you are walking out n such.

        Thqts really my only expierence now. Used a go prp hero 1 for a bit, but it was too clunky for my liking. The contour doesnt give you away like the go pro did.


          I had one of those R7 Barrel cams that worked well. I got a bunch of footage with it then realized editing is way more time consuming then I was willing to invest. That and I’m not very good at it. Some people make that stuff look like a short film. I imagine they are using very different equipment and professional editing software.


          • MrKittyCatMeowFace


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            Preach! .

          • BrickHaus


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            Tell me about. My 10 tb hard drive was full of raw games I never got to editing. I finally just axed it all.


          This is using a fake GoPro. Not bad but not great. Works for me because I don't live on my content creation


            I recently bought 2 used Hero 3's (a hero 3 and a 3+ to be exact) from eBay and they were $30-35 each and have worked great. I bought some barrel mounts and cases for them. I used them once so far but I plan on using them more in the next few months as I am playing. The 3+ does 4k recording and it did great on my barrel. I also bought a mask mount that I'm going to try next since I realize I keep my gun really tight and angled into bunkers blocking the camera's view. The mask will let me see better what I was doing.

            That advantage to the GoPro's is the mounts and add on's you can find all work. The other cameras aren't always so easy to find accessories for. The guy I bought my GoPro from also has 4's, 5's and up but for $35 if I destroy it it's no big deal. I spent almost as much on the HK barrel mount as I did for the camera. It was a cheap way for me to get in and see if I want to continue using it. So far I really like having the footage even if I never post any of it up. It's good to see what I did wrong if I get out.

            Edit: Here's a quick clip of what the quality looked like. I think the mask cam will work better but the quality is pretty decent.
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