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Need help with iOS or Mac devices? POST HERE!

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    Need help with iOS or Mac devices? POST HERE!

    So starting this thread back up from the old forum. I worked for Apple for 3 years and still know the troubleshooting like the back of my hand.
    If you need help feel free to post here. I'll make sure I've subscribed to the thread this time around so I can stay on top of it.

    Feels good to be back and I hope this post finds the membership all safe and in good health.

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    "Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of" - ApoC_101 on the old MCB

    Helpful ill keep this in mind if i ever sell my soul to steve jobs


      Here’s a necropost question for you. Not sure if it is something you can help with though.

      I’m using an iPhone with 14.8. I was having a conversation with someone on Facebook Messenger and didn’t open the last message they sent me as it was late at night. The next morning I got a message from someone else and the message I received the night before disappeared. If I go into Facebook it shows that I have a notification in messenger but when I go there I can’t see the message.

      I’ve checked the archive, message requests and spam folders. I tried to download all my information from Facebook because I heard messages are saved for some amount of time but it wasn’t there.

      It wouldn’t be an issue if I could remember the persons name. He messaged me asking to buy something from an old for sale post I had.


      • Falcon16


        Editing a comment
        I'd try and see if the message is around in Facebook on a browser if it is then I'd suspect it's a glitch with the messenger app, solution is uninstall and reinstall, if that doesn't help you'd need to reach out to Facebook for further help.

        The other things I would try before deleting and reinstalling, force close messenger and re open, if no success completely restart the phone. If neither then do the above.