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3d Printing

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    3d Printing

    I’m looking to get into 3d printing as a hobby. I’m just about to start looking at reviews, but was hoping anyone here could give suggestions as to a good starter for a newbie. Budget probably < $350

    I feel like the ender 3 is the emek of printers. I would make sure you include it in your search.


      My buddy just picked one up. It was kind of the push I needed to do the same. I sort of want to go with it because he’s been researching for weeks and set it up a few days ago. So it’ll be someone I know. I’m also seeing the Anycube Vyper and trying to compare now.


        I think I'm the only one on MCB who has an Anycubic i3 platform printer. I've got 2 of the older Anycubic i3 Megas. The Vyper looks like an upgraded version of the Mega, with some nice features. I really like my Megas, they are every bit as good as an Ender 3 in my opinion. Also, I've had several warranty issues with them, and the company has been very responsive each time, replacing parts (mother board, rods, bed). I've had these now for almost 4 years, and still running strong, I can hit print and walk away.

        Ender 3 has definitely become the go-to lately, and they are a solid choice. But Anycubic is definitely also a good option.


          I bought the Vyper!


            i have a general request for a basic 3d printed part is anyone is interested.

            the short of it is:

            i have a bunch of flashlights that use a 3x AA and 3x AAA battery packs. i started converting the battery packs to 18650 li-ion cells. the issue is that a single 18650 cell is 18mm in diameter (much narrower than the 3x AAA and 3x AA battery packs). the inner diameter of the flashlight tube is 23mm.

            im looking to have someone print some donuts, maybe 1/2 or 3/4 inch tall that will take up the space and keep the 18650 batteries from moving around. id need 6 total and can send pictures of everything.

            figured this might be a good place to start.


              ok then lol

              found some stuff on ebay.


                I use the ender 5, pretty good aside from me being a dumbass


                  I set up the Vyper but it would appear I have a bad strain gauge out of the box.

                  not happy