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Your Top 5 Games!

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    Thought I’d chime in. Some of my favorites:

    Super Mario 64
    Chrono Trigger SNES
    Super Mario RPG SNES
    Secret of Mana SNES
    Secret of Evermore SNES


      Oof. It’s difficult to narrow it down to only five. But let’s see:

      1) Counter-Strike (1.3-1.6 pre steam, pre source) my first gaming obsession when I was a teenager, played competitively starting in my sophomore year in HS. Many sleepless nights. Zero regrets.

      2) Diablo 2 (again, many sleepless nights... zero regrets... I turned out fine... I think)

      3) MechWarrior 3 based on the Battletech universe & table top game (very lore-rich world, very under the radar unfortunately, I honestly think that this universe could've been made into films, etc. there are novels and books, but it should've been adapted into movies like Star Wars, it's quite sad, IMO. And it was also one of my first competitive/tournament online gaming clan experiences. Met lots of awesome folks playing this game online, I was a teenager but most of my clan was grown adults, and professionals of various fields.)

      4) Witcher 3 (awesome writing and story telling, much better combat system than TES, the best fantasy action- RPG ever made, I think)

      5) Rainbow Six Siege (best shooter since classic CS)

      Honorable mentions: Total War Warhammer 1 & 2 (highly recommended to fantasy lovers), Baldur’s Gate series, The Elder Scroll Series, Half-Life series, Team Fortress Classic series, Tribes series, Planetside 2 (F2P), MechWarrior: Online (F2P), Warframe (F2P), Resident Evil series, Dead Space series, Metal Gear Solid series, Grand Theft Auto series, Bioshock, Fallout series, Pillars of Eternity series, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Battletech, Forza series, Gran Turismo series, Tekken series, Dark Souls/Demon Souls series, etc. Not big into Nintendo games, or MOBAs, or MMO's.

      This is the intro to Mechwarrior 3 (1999)

      And MechWarrior 4's:

      Also: BattleTech's complicated lore, explained by its creator:
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        Only one game was ever my favorite. City of Heroes played it from the beginning of its existence until its end. RIP.

        All the Fallout games. Yes even Fallout 76.