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Tips for building a RP system?

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    Tips for building a RP system?

    Ok to preface this i have a lot of experience in DND as well as learning other RP systems. A friend of mine and set out to build a loose rp system based around the videogame S.T.A.L.K.E.R (not to be confused with the movie a much heavier piece of media).

    We are still drafting and revising, but im interested in what systems in movement, combat etc. we should prioritize. We already havemost of the character aspects done (classes abilities etc.) and will post all the resources up once we get them to where we want them. For now i just want some ideas for systems that we have not finished or worked on.

    List of things done:
    - weapons
    - injuries / health systems
    - bonus actions actions, classes
    - npcs

    List of things not done:

    - Advanced movements
    - Cover systems
    - Vehicles
    - Long distance travel system
    - Rest system
    - Environmental effects (terrain, toxins etc etc.)

    If you have any systems you like from other games feel free to make suggestions!


    I dont have any real help for you, but I think it would be cool to have a popper array, much like sorry, but with different die in each. So the player pops bubble A. Moves X spaces. Gets read a quest action. Pops bubble B for the something, bubble C for a modifier.

    I dunno I havent gotten i to table top games like this, but I think this would be a fun twist.


      Keep it simple.
      take the system that you have and figure out how to apply it to as many aspects of the game as you can instead of expecting players to learn whole new systems for every aspect of the game.

      I like "failing forward"
      Nothing sucks like getting stuck at a table waiting for an hour because the skill guy can't pass their check to open a door. You fair the check, ok you pick the lock and the security system goes off. Something built in like that where if you fail the story still moves forward but with consiquences.
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