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Players and their dice.

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    Players and their dice.

    Who else here can match up a player, or character, with their dice if they were at the table but all the dice were in the middle?
    Usually by an aesthetic or personality.
    For instance: my friend Stasia is a petite little thing with dyed hair. She always had her glitter pink or translucent swirled turquoise. Tall, boisterous Grant always had his metallic blue-and-black or blue-and-white. His brother Spencer had his mono-colored metallic blue that had bonded with him; they always rolled high for him but terribly for anyone else, and would pout for a while after being returned to him. He kept buying sets in absolutely eye-searing combinations, but they wouldn't roll well then or ever again and he'd return to his blue ones.
    Jake would switch his by character, but they were always dark green-and-black or dark purple-and-black, suitable for his rangers, warlocks, and often brooding demeanor. Quiet Aleah favored her battleship gray set with OD green speckles, drab as could be.
    My magic users got dark metallic red and gold with just a speckling of blue; my mundane characters got gold and black. Almost always the same pattern; they've handed me my dice when it's the first they've seen my new set. Or I broke out the antique-gold metal set.

    Of course, our DM brought his two-pound jar for the table, but only ever used two sets--a hodgepodge of the speckled ones picked out of the grab-bag, old and chipped and scuffed, and one set was bonded. He knew the different sets but they were the same pattern. As a fair DM, he only used the bonded set when we were supposed to be challenged.

    And that's not even getting into the different players' rituals...

    I very seldom play role playing games any longer, but I for sure recognize the general behavior.

    However, I do play board games regularly, and a friend of mine strongly believes that rolling a single die will induce worse rolls. So his solution is to roll two dice, and stating before the roll which one to disregard. Thus not performing the actual roll with a single die, and therefore not suffering a worse result on the die in question.
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      I don't play tabletop games, but in my wanting to eventually try it I do have a set of semi-metallic blue dice, my favorite color.

      Something similar though- when I play video games with my wife, brother and his wife we are all color coded with everything. We arrange our player order based on the colors for players 1-4, our Halo armor is in our colors, etc. Usually it's I'm blue, wife is purple, brother is green, his wife is pink.
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        I play a well known sci-fi tabletop game and I've got some weirdness about dice superstitions. Of all of the things I play, I colour coordinate my dice with my armies or charachters. Generally speaking it works out in my favor, but, not always. Also, a few of my friends seem to think the dice I buy them when they get into any sort of game system are cursed. So, I mean. Maybe less coordination, more "If I think it'll work, it will work!"
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