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Dragon Magazine #1-#250

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    Dragon Magazine #1-#250

    Winning bid $86 + $8.40 Shipping

    I had forgotten this existed until recently. This is a 5 disc set of Dragon Magazine 1-250 + the copies of TSR's original magazine Strategic Review. All 5 discs look to be there. This is OSR goodness. Here is your chance to watch Dungeons and Dragons grow up a month at a time.

    Small bit of trivia: TSR did not secure all necessary permissions for electronic release. KoDT author Jolly Blackburn is aparrently an attorney in real life. They came to a gentleman's agreement and thus was born Hackmaster 4.0 which some consider to be the more likely path Gygax would have taken the game had he retained control of the company.

    TSR11448 Dragon Magazine Archive - Issues #1-250 - 5 CD Set for PC =p2060353.m1431.l2649

    This sale is for one used TSR11448 Dragon Magazine Archive containing issues #1-250. The set has five PC CD-ROM disc that are all scratch free. Photos are of the items included in this sale.

    NOTE TO MODS: Move to Ebay Auctions if you feel appropriate. I posted here due to the nature of the listing.
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