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Value of CB900 Custom?

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    Value of CB900 Custom?

    I have a CB900 Custom in a garage. It was left behind by a former roommate, now deceased.

    Was running when parked, but no title, Was told engine should be split to replace a seal which leaks. This is a shaft drive with the 5 speed dual range tranny. I keep seeing reference to this bike being a parts bin special... Engine from this, suspension from that, final drive train from another bike.

    Bike is complete and has not been parted. Bike is in Manhattan, Kansas. Any ideas on what its worth? It seems a shame to scrap it out.

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    If I was still riding and nearby to you I'd be potentially interested if is was in good running shape say somewhere $2K-$3K depending on mechanical/cosmetic condition. Being that it has a leak and if I could get it started and the tranny functions I'd be willing to do $1K (that is if I was still in the market). They are neat and I remember driving a friends back in the early 80s and having 10 gears is "fun". They were limited in production and I doubt parts are easy to come by anymore.
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      $1500 ish people make some cool Cafe racer style bikes out of them.


        I owned several CB750 with the four pipes out back. They were superb bikes. I had a CB900 a bit later, but by that time she was pretty toasted and rung out.

        I seriously recall picking up parts bikes for nearly nothing, but given the age these are getting I can only imagine them being on the way back up.
        Can you see in on the headtube as to what year she is? What's it showing on the clock?


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          I will see if I can get to it. That garage has several bikes in it... 2 x XS1100, 84 Venture Royale XVZ1200 with stripped third gear, 750 Vulcan, and a GS750 missing the rotor/stator (Its a combo part apparently.) I think the CB900 is one of the easier bikes to get to in that garage. Yeah... paintball guns aren't the only things I accumulate. Lets not talk about the other garage.

          My current rider is an 83 Venture... XVZ1200.

        punkncat If bringatrailer prices mean anything. Id say they already going up.


          Originally posted by MrKittyCatMeowFace View Post
          punkncat If bringatrailer prices mean anything. Id say they already going up.
          We used to have this warehouse motorcycle graveyard here in Atlanta up on Glenwood. Was this ancient old cotton warehouse type location and had been in business at that time for probably 40 years, long gone now...
          The real draw to this place was that they had everything, and I mean everything you could possibly want for a bike and it was stupid ass cheap. You would think they were insane until you found out the why of it.
          The owner would take you to one of the many large rooms with bikes stacked up upon one another, sometimes multiple bikes deep. He would point and if you could get to it, get it out you were good.