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    Last week on my old tires


      i normally put junk yard tires on my 68 Camaro. Its not fast and it dosnt handle so its not a big deal. At $10/ tire and mounting it myself, i save a ton of $$$ and never felt guilty about roasting the tires on a regular basis. Not being my daily, its also just a toy. lol


        1985 Wolfsburg Weekender with ej22 Subaru conversion.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Siress


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          My man. That's one of my dream rigs over the past 10 years. What do you have to do for adequate AC? Any chance of using it without the engine running?

        • dodgerbleu
          dodgerbleu commented
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          This model came from the factory with a rear mounted AC unit that was never known for being adequate, and it had been removed by the time I purchased the van.

          Sometime in my future pipe dream I’d like to install an in-dash system from Small Car which utilizes modern components.

          The engine needs to be running for the ac compressor to work. For camping, some people install a window mount ac and power it via battery/inverter or shore power.

          Fortunately, I’m in coastal CA and most of my camping is at altitude, so I stay cool enough.

        1987 corolla GTS, and the period correct tow vehicle. 1986 Toyota one ton dually with custom dually fenders.


        • greystone
          greystone commented
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          My god, that dually. I didnt know they existed!!

        Nice 86! Is it the Levin or have you swapped it for a double cam?


          It was a factory dual cam being a gts, but now has a much more extensively done 4age. I had a pretty comprehensive build thread on the old site as quite a few people were into the ae86 chassis. I had to revert back to an emissions passing state recently since I can’t get historic plates until I find somewhere that will insure it as a classic which usaa or hagerty won’t. Looks promising with American family though then I don’t have to swap the ITB’s and management out once a year which is a hassle.


            How it sat after blowing up at an SCCA TT event. Getting unmodified and being built for T4 conference racing.

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              Usually my DD but she needs an engine, and my 400 hp Stage 3 Evo X GSR


                Click image for larger version

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                  Looks like a very recent restoration.


                    Picked this 2018 Tacoma up last February to replace our '96 4Runner that suffered 15 salty winters in Ottawa...


                      2002 Z06 and a 2015 WRX.


                      • Chuck E Ducky

                        Chuck E Ducky

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                        Nice I had an electric blue Zo6 just like that. They are fun cars.

                      Gonna be a while on this one as its number 3 on the list of project vehicles but its definitely going to be the most fun.


                        Then we have this turd which we just put the wheels back on to get ready to tow over to my parents.


                        • Blackmagic71
                          Blackmagic71 commented
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                          Cheap Miatas are a blast to play around with.

                        • KingxSlinky666


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                          Thats what we're hoping, should be a blast in the mountains. Where theirs a track 20 minutes from my property.

                        My Sled:

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Peculiar Paintball on Youtube

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