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Low end tent options

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    Low end tent options

    Time for a new tent to replace my little 2man.
    Mostly for traveling to games or camping at state parks. Looking at something like the REI trail hut or half dome 2 plus.
    I'd like to keep it under $200.
    Don't need a lot of fancy but do want the 2 vestibules and doors. Easy setup is a big plus.

    Suggestions on others you like or experience you have with either of those options?
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    Originally posted by MAr
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    Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

    Master Jar-Jar

    We picked up what we expected to be a pretty crappy "Ozark Trail" tent from Wally world probably 10-15 years ago now. It's got a center area tall enough for me to stand in (6'3") and two "rooms" with privacy curtains. The main front door has a cover as do both sides which are vented or have rain flap. You can also exit out the end which is handy for night time pee forays.
    We brought it home, set it up, I scotch guarded the hell out of it. We set it up on a ground tarp and have used it extensively. Each time after use I set it up in the back yard and sweep it out/off, wash it down, and pack it back up. It's been superb and I honestly can't recall paying more than about $80-100 for it, perhaps a touch more.


      We got the Ozark Trail kit... 2 chairs, two sleeping bags, two foam pads, and a 4-man tent. We all fit (kids are preschool) and stayed dry.

      For the price, hard to beat. Especially if the car is close enough to get to in a disaster situation.

      For backpacking, I like an old Kelty I have. Cheap enough, aluminum poles, freestanding. Those are the most important features, IMO.


        Depending on how you camp, and what you drive, a vehicle tent might be a good option. Napier makes tons of options to attach to cars, suvs, etc.

        I can set up my Napier truck tent by myself in under 10 minutes. Take down even quicker.

        Downside is you are more limited on where you can camp, since it will have to be vehicle accessible. In my case with a tacoma not much of an issue but with something with low ground clearance it might be.


          For myself, I have been using an Eureka APEX2 for years. It has been a great light tent. I recently bought a Coleman 4 man Pop Up Tent, for a camping trip for the family this year, over the Spring/Summer. The group I was with loved how easy it was for me to put up and take it down.

          They are okay. Just be aware of the gimmick and you should be good.


            My wife and I have had good luck with the Alps Mountaineering 2-person tent + footprint, but we have a larger REI Base Camp 4 when we travel with the dogs.

            I’ve used the 1-person Alps Mountaineering version for a few years as well including a few trips on the Superior Hiking trail and it has always kept me dry and happy.


              Modern Coleman tents are excellent.

              Popular mechanics rates them highly. I have a 2 man and a 4 man. The 2 man is easy for 1 person to set up. The 4 man is easier with a second set of hands.


                I use a 3 man Gander Mtn tent. It’s lasted me a long time and gets a decent amount of use. Granted I’m a fair weather camper. I pull it out in the beginning of the season spray it down with a water repellent solution and it’s never given me issues. I think it was like $79 it’s pretty light weight and sleeps me the wife and two kids 4 and 5 no problem. It don’t have separate rooms tho just a spot to hang a lantern in the center. The top is all screen so on a nice night you can leave the rain cover off and look up at the stars. For the $79 I payed it’s already payed for it’s self. It’s easy to put up to only thing I got was better tent spikes the ones that came with it worked but we’re cheap. Oh it’s the exact size as a queen air mattress to just in case you want to get fancy.

                I guess the tent outlasted the company… lol

                I can’t find them anymore. It’s a TrailHead 3
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                  was just asking jonny about tents. i need more trees because i got a hammock system

                When I’m glamping I use a Coleman Sundome 6 person tent. Plenty of space for my cot and gear, and at 6’3 I can walk right into it/stand up fully which is a huge plus for when comfort is the goal. Setup is pretty easy, definitely helps to have another person but totally doable as just one. Most pictures of it online don’t really do it justice for just how big it is, but this review (not me btw, I don’t endorse that site or anything it’s just useful to see) does a pretty good job of showing the size relative to an average person. Can be found at most major retailers for like $100.

                For actual backpacking/camping I use a much smaller and lighter MSR tent, but I got sick of having to crawl into it every time I went to a “pull up and grab a beer”-type campsite.
                See our in-depth review of the Coleman Sundome 6 camping tent, including details on the Sundome's interior space, weather protection, durability, and more.