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Pippi Longstocking Retro Review

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  • shadow191
    When I saw it as a kid, it was the first time I learned about dubbing. I think I was 9 or so and had mostly watched cartoons and less live action stuff. So was very confused as to why none of their lips matched the words - then someone explained it to me.

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  • SignOfZeta
    I haven’t seen it in ages but that sounds about right. something with glue maybe? It was obviously foreign but as a kid I was always looking for that sort of thing. I would have been 10 maybe when I saw it. I think I classified it in my mind as “feels like Popeye”.

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  • Jellyghost
    started a topic Pippi Longstocking Retro Review

    Pippi Longstocking Retro Review

    We just watched the 1969 Pippi Longstocking as a family. I had really fond memories of it from growing up, and my kids jut finished the books.
    This is what broke my memory:
    1. Pippi Longstocking is NOT a Disney film! This fact shocked me.
    2. It was filmed in Sweden and the English is dubbed. I didn't remember this at all.
    3. I think the bird water pipe that I remember from Childhood might be Swedish. In one of the final scenes, the children each have this clay bird pipe.
    4. Homes in Sweden (new and old) seem to have 18 inch + baseboards. The baseboards are basically knee high.
    5. The original Pippi movie starred Shirley Temple?
    I hope one of our Scandinavian members can clarity things.