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No idea on value

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    No idea on value

    I've seen a few of these appear from time to time but always seem to be anno'd to match a twister as a set or its an annihilation kit.

    Got way back from a teammate, we were on a BPS team. He hated it because it was too heavy, so he sold it to me pretty cheap as a complete marker. These were still legal to use in NEPL at the time, so were turbo shockers. Soon after I bought this, of course, NEPL banned reactive triggers and turbo.

    I got it pretty dialed in and then it just sat there.

    From what I was told...It was purchased as a complete marker right when the kits came out....I added the KAPP back block but still have the original to this '98 body. Not even a case has ever been shot through it. Scratches on vert adapter and reg but rest of it is pretty damn clean. Boomstick on there for show, but have stock WGP barrel.

    In the one photo that isn't a scratch on the slab body, pet bunny hair.


      Reflex's are quite rare... Honestly don't know a good base price for you


        I've got one of those floating around somewhere. Customer sent it to me nearly 20 years ago, to recreate the missing bar that connects the pump rod to the switch.

        Then he fell off the face of the earth and I was never able to re-contact him.

        I suppose I should dig it out and do something with it...

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          Hook up a warp feed like i did once for kicks. Makes you kinda look like Arnold in T2 with the minigun.

        That's probably worth a lot of money to the right guy.

        Problem is finding him lol.


          Letting people know i'm probably not ready to sell, got first PM already.


            If I recall, I remember someone at a tunaball digging one of these out and selling it in similar shape for around 800, I dont know if thats high or low, but might give you a starting point