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3.5 ounce CO2 Alum tanks

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    3.5 ounce CO2 Alum tanks

    Hi! What are they worth? Also message me if you have interest, I have 4.

    Right, wrong, or indifferent, I recently found a seller on ebay and spent $40ish plus shipping on one (new). I might have paid WAY too much, but for a lifetime of service with no hydro tests ever needed who cares if I spent an extra $20?


      Doro has new 3.5's for $30 (+shipping)
      Ironnerd's Feedback

      Home Field: Arkenstone, Acworth, GA

      Paintball Marker Animations
      CO2 Pressure versus Temperature

      Paintball Tank Hydro-test requirements




          Originally posted by Ironnerd View Post
          Doro has new 3.5's for $30 (+shipping)

          Do we trust Doro these days? Serious question/not trying to be rude. I've been out a while and had been doing a little research and heard about WEVO and places like that. Did see some stuff here and there about Doro going down hill as well, thus my concern here. Especially since their phantom prices reflected Mike Cassidy levels.


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            Have not dealt w/Doro in an eternity. They are the only ones I found that had them new.