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Angel Threaded Freak Back

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    Angel Threaded Freak Back

    Just looking for info on Angel threaded Freak barrel
    backs. I understand Angel changed its barrel threading between the Angel G7 and the G7 Fly it seems, but looking for some general info. Some Angel backs are quite rare other not as much, so looking to see what exactly I have. Assuming it’s an old style Angel thread as it fits my G7.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	9EBB0017-0C73-4666-98AC-C25ED6F817A1.jpeg
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ID:	120791 Click image for larger version

Name:	4DF4493C-376F-4022-9C5A-5B4808192473.jpeg
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ID:	120792
    Cuda's Feedback

    Thread appears identical to all my LCD barrels. I have a freak back that fits LCD around here somewhere, first gen of freak kits that were released. I'll try and post up a pic later for you to compare.


      That’s definitely the old Angel thread LED through G7? I thought there was and odd early G7 thread too then came the latest thread the went through the end of the A1 line
      My feedback


        And from reading you might be able to use the old Angel thread on a new Angel but some threads will show?! It’s rather confusing. But I guess that’s just Angel being Angel.
        Cuda's Feedback


          I believe the G7 Fly/06 Speed shortened up the threaded area, and then the A1 in made it even shorter. There was a ring that filled the gap between the new versions, which is what you might be referring to about the threads.