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Economical AEG recommendation

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    Economical AEG recommendation

    For a while I've been wanting to dip a toe into the AEG pool. But there seem to be so many options (more then paintball ) for rifles. I don't want to spend much over 150 for a reliable electronic blaster that's ready to go out of the box. I want to be able to charge the battery, fill a mag and just have fun.

    Recommendations? Id like to stay with an M4 style platform (I'm familiar with the ergos ) something that will get me into the game now and that I can upgrade over time.

    *please move if in the incorrect place*

    Used to work/play a lot of airsoft. Spending under $200 is tough, and the gearboxes in airsoft are WAY more complicated and finicky when compared to Paintball. Just be warned that cheaper gear is going to break at some point.

    Elite Force/Umarex makes ok starter gear to decent midrange gear. I would look at something like this -

    Most "options" come down to Metal vs plastic externals, rail shape/size, barrel size, and stocks. To keep costs down I would stick with a plastic body. All the gearboxes inside are metal, so there is no "need" to have a metal outer body other than looks/weight. Don't be tossing it out of the back of a truck and be super rough on it, you'll be fine.


      These go on sale for as low as $90.

      review video, this guy worked on two replicas I own

      for $199 you can get a cyma platinum m4 that takes AK mags


        Thanks guys, I'm going to have to do more research.


          Back when I was looking at getting into airsoft, Lancer Tactical had the cheapest 'decent' (ie not Walmart quality) offerings. My biggest gripe when I was looking at them was that the construction was all plastic. Even parts like the outer barrel and buffer tube were plastic, and I don't think it was eclipse quality plastic at that.

          To my knowledge, G&G is the airsoft equivalent to Tippmann, so that might be a good starting point. Prices have changed so much since I was looking.

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