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TIPPMANN 98 ACT - Dual hammer spring issues.

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    TIPPMANN 98 ACT - Dual hammer spring issues.

    TIPPMANN 98 ACT - Dual hammer spring issues.

    I have a 98 act that i bought in parts and discovered there are 2 springs into the hammer, one of which is for the act and one for the hammer return.

    My question is what grade of spring goes where? The parts are like new but gun was not suitable for my project
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    The act system uses 2 springs of different sizes, with a spring guide between them. I don't know how comparable either would be to a spring from a kit.

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      Given that you have the springs, the larger single spring and pin is for the hammer. The 2 finer springs and plastic spring guide and tip are for the ACT.
      Use this for reference in assembly or replacement of missing components.

      Good Luck