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Palmer confirmation???

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    Palmer confirmation???

    Hey all still digging through my stuff. Came across this one, totally forgot I had it.
    last time i think I was working on trading this.

    I have never played with it since I got it or aired it up.
    is this a stroker?
    and what's it worth?
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    Not sure if this is still accurate... Blue Book

    top end... I'd say $300-350. Oh and Almost any PMI can be turned into a stroker. From vintageRex.. "These could be based on virtually any bras PMI-Sheridan pump marker."
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      Nice find, I've wanted to try a semi PPS just haven't gotten around to it yet cause I keep buying g-dang stock class guns
      💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


        It is a back bottle stroker. Classy.