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automag parts

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    automag parts

    Wondering what you all think they are worth.
    First carbon foregrip, good condition.

    Second chrome thrasher rail, very good condition

    more to come.

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    I wish I had a better idea, mag parts like this are usually priced higher than Im willing to pay so I typically graze over them in bst.

    But I think Ive seen the cf foregrips selp for $75 shipped?

    And the thrasher rail, just off of comparison to Lukes rails I see for sale, Id say $70-90?

    But again, I dont watch mag parts like ion parts. Ive wanted an aftermarket rail for a long time, but just cant justify what they are worth vs the function they add.


      Do you remember what you paid for these parts? I would start with that and then add 25%. (Maybe add 50% for the foregrip, since those are really sought after.) Automag stuff has only been going up for the last few years, so it reasonable to assume that they're worth more now than what you paid for them.
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      Let me make you something. I build pneumags, auto-response frames, and wooden pill cases.


        Thanks guys, yeah I know the rail was highly sought after when I stopped playing and I paid some pretty pennies for it.
        same on the frames


          $100 on the foregrip is fair. $100 on the rail too, but it might not move quickly. There are a good amount of choices on aftermarket rails now so they aren't as expensive as prior years. The CF foregrip from deadly wind are still sought after though.