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Desert Fox Vert ASA

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    Desert Fox Vert ASA

    Want to get a vert ASA for my Fox but just to add a grip don't need it plumbed for air. My question is do any of the Cat models fit or would I be limited to hunting down one specific to a Fox?
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    You would need a puma front block from. The looks of it. Cats have a vertical block, pumas have the 45* block. Or a fox specific one would also have the 45.

    This is honestly something you may have better luck just get made.


      Now that I think about it. Id make a mount block that took a mag vasa. Then just bolt a mag vasa adapter to it, or a sp gadget grip, or one of those cool cf ones.


        If you want a universal option there are grips that mount to ring that can go on the barrel
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          Looks liker a 3D printed option might work great ...
          Otherwise, easy enough to make an adapter and mount a mag foregrip or something equivalent ...
          Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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            3d print a plastic handle seems good.

            Mag grip adapter option seems stupid expensive since mag grips are stupid expensive.


            • XEMON


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              Never mind on the mag grip 😅
              What about a 3D printed adapter and CF tube for handle?

            Great ideas so far. I will have to think about the 3D printed route but probably would prefer the real thing or just leaving it as is if a block is impossible to find (which it may be).


              Make your own with a file and a drill and a hunk of metal?


              • Junglepeanut
                Junglepeanut commented
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                That would = epic failure

              What direction did you go on this?

              EDIT: Never mind.... I see you sold it instead.
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