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More parts bodies

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    More parts bodies

    What are they worth.
    minimag bodies with luke feedneck mod, was going to do a nasty build. Might still

    Chrome warp body
    micromag body, also have the vsa adapter.
    stove pipe body
    Pump kit

    Not sure on value, but I’d purchase the right offset feed Luke body from you if you decide to sell. Just FYI....


      I haven't seen many, I want to say Gen2?, Micromag bodies all by themselves, so no idea on price. It gives me the "kinda want for project" feeling....[must walk away]
      Velcor will save us...

      Current MCB Feedback :
      Legacy MCB Feedback (Wayback Machine)


        Id trade ya my pewter ule for that micro as long as itll work with my classic valve. Toss in a rail in the box and tell me what I owe ya.

        ill add .y input otherwise, may be out of touch as always.

        Lukes bodies, priceless dont sell, make that damn double mag!!!!! If u must sell, I guess Id list em at 200 each obo and see what happens. Lukes parts seem to hold value. Likely get 150 ish for em?

        Chrome warp. 80? I dunno id say its maybe worth more but the market for a warp set up is niche for twist l9cl warp bodies. Maybe even take less for it if you are just making space? Could be worth way more.

        Micro body, Ive seen full micro mags of that type sell for 300 ish. Id say the body by itself would be worth 190-220? All depends on the market, the buyer. And the day. Could list if for 150 and it may sit for months.

        Stovepipe body. I assume center feed og body? Rare but not that desirable from what I know, Id ask 50-80 for it. Maybe 100 obo and see what ya get?

        Pump kit. this including a body. Rail, and pump arm wave spring? Or just the pump mechanics to be added to a milled rail? But I bet this would be worth 150-350 as people seem to flock pump mags and they dont sell often. The pump kit should be an easy sell for sure.

        again, I may be off. Just my uneducated opinion from years of watching bst stuff. Lol


          If you decide to sell the micro body I’m interested


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              Righty offset minimag body i would buy for whatever you need for it.


              • Meleager7


                Editing a comment
                Excellent choice on the Right Feed. This is the way.