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Automag build, your......

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    Automag build, your......

    Thoughts on this build.

    Would you guys do a hidden build, puemag build in the frame? like with one of Luke's frame. The battery pack would just be a grip.

    Hidden puemag hidden in the battery? The battery top adapter would not match.

    Or just a keep it straight mech.

    Keep it mech, or sleeper pneumag through the triggerframe, of you really want a custom build pneu frame get a custom frame and have rawbutter sparvalve the frame, if you do a sleeper through the battery pack you need an adapter and drill through the Shockwave pack which imo wouldnt look as clean
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    • Grendel


      Editing a comment
      Yup, Rawbutter all the way and make it his "Auto-Response" version. Eventually I will finish my build and show off Rawbutter's greatness.

    • alpha_q_up


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      I got mine built and been meaning to post in his thread with a video but the 4 times I've used it I haven't gotten to tune it 100% and have had so much fun just playing with it

    Okay, now that I realize Brendan made sci fi boards for mags.. Id consider sticking a sci fi ii it.


      If it were me, It would either be Electro or mech.
      Bearded Works Group
      Bearded Works Youtube

      Inception Designs and Shocktech Dealer if your looking for something.

      I buy Automags and Mag Parts also.